World's Dirtiest Joke Book

World's Dirtiest Joke Book

Language: English

Pages: 160


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The electronic re-release of Steve Rossi's popular joke book. The World's Dirtiest Joke book got men of all ages in trouble for its filthy humor. Now you can download it on kindle to enjoy in password protected comfort.

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Hullawrerr China!: The Best Of Francie And Josie

Private Eye [UK], Issue 1328 (30 November - 13 December 2012)

According to Yes

Wildly Gross Jokes Volume XXIII


















spent time under the stream of lukewarm water arousing herself. She continued this excitement by drying herself off very slowly, paying special attention to her nipples and the soft insides of her thighs so that when she heard the back door slam, called out: “Oh, honey, I’m in here. And I want you to come in here and fuck me good. Fuck me! Fuck me! Hurry! There was a moment’s silence and then a strange voice replied, “Sorry, Ma’am I regret to say that I am not your regular milkman. However, I

to change your shorts. Alright, Fred you change with Bob. Bob, you change with Herbie. TIT JOKES I went to buy a bra for my wife. I couldn’t remember her size but luckily the customer next to me was built just like her. I said, “what size tits do you have, Sir?” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A religious guy who was celibate had a problem with his hernia. He was told if he had sex it could relieve the pressure and that he would get a beautiful girl. The guy said, “Alright, but make sure she has

it bronzed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Question: How did the Polish soldier die from karate? Answer: He killed himself saluting. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Question: Why does a baldheaded guy wear a hat when he shits? Answer: So he’ll know which end to wipe. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Jews and the Italians have a lot in common. The Jews own the banks and the Italians rob them. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Husband: Why do you wear a bra darling? You have nothing to put in them. Wife: You should talk. You

When you cross a Frenchman with a Chinaman you get a Frenchman who eats your laundry. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Question: How do you say Bullshit in Spanish? Answer: El Toro Poo-Poo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Things are so bad in Miami that I saw an old Jewish lady mugging a Cuban. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Question: What has two cherries and dances? Answer: 100 Las Vegas showgirls ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Question: Do you know what you call a Polack who can spell cat? Answer: Gifted

chance She blew it ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There once was a beauty from Wooster Who dreamed that a young man seduced her She awoke with a groan For she was alone Twas a bump in the bed that had goosed her. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There once was a girl named Myles When asked to dance, responded in smile Though the music is great I must hesitate For ragtime isn’t my style. There once was a lad who quite gingerly Tore a hole in his sister’s best lingerie He fondled her ass She

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