Unbearably Gross Jokes, Volume XXII

Unbearably Gross Jokes, Volume XXII

Julius Alvin

Language: English

Pages: 161


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Julius Alvin presents a new collection of politically incorrect, raunchy jokes about ethnic groups, homosexuals, women, politicians, and other unwitting targets.



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doctor for the annual check-up. The husband goes in first During the examination, the doctor says, ''So, Harry, how's your sex life?" "It's just fine, doc," the old man says. "The first time is great, but the second time we do it, I sweat like a pig." "Second time?" the doctor asks, amazed. "Harry, you're 88 years old!" Later, after Harry is gone and his 8&-year-old wife comes in for her check-up, the doctor says, "Sophie, Harry and I were talking about your sex life. He said the frrst time is

''I'm so upset," the Polack says, "I just asked the dog to marry me." "What happens when a Polack gets Alzheimer's Disease? He gets smarter. What's the first thing a black woman says sex? "Next!" after UNBEARABLY GROSS JOKES 43 What's the difference between a Jewish American Princess and Jello? Jello moves when you eat it. Why do JAPS like using Tampons? Because nothing goes in without the strings attached. t I I. I I ' Who was Susan Smith's driving teacher? Ted Kennedy. What

says. " What happened to you? " "You know that gorgeous babe across the street, name of Mona?" Julio asks . .. 1 was banging her brains out when her construction worker old man came home early." "That's too bad," Tyrone says "But it could have been worse." "Yeah?" Julio asks. "How?" "If her husband came home an hour e~­ lier," Tyrone replies, "he woulda be;lt the slut outta me. " i - - ., I .' I 'I I .I •' '! I I 108 julius Alvin A Polack goes to a bar and says to the bartender,

JOKES 13 A truck driver is hauling a load of bowling balls through the deep south. He sees a black guy hitchhiking by the side of the road, and stops to pick him up. "Got no room in the cab," the trucker says to the black guy, "but you're welcome to sit back there with the bowling balls." The black guy does. Ten miles up the road, the trucker sees a second black guy hitching. The trucker stops and makes him the same offer. The second black guy climbs into the back with the bowling balls and the

premature ejaculator? One's good for seconds, the other's also good for seconds. What does a sheep herder do when he gets bored? He buries himself in his work. \\That's the difference between a fox and a pig? About half a dozen beers. What's the difference between a Arab and a bucket of shit? The bucket 136 julius Alvin Why did the Polish kid have twelve pairs of underwear? One for each month. What do tits and model train sets have in common? They're both for little kids, but daddy plays

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