The Dirty Joke Book

The Dirty Joke Book

Mr. K

Language: English

Pages: 140

ISBN: 0806521260

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This book is simply filled with any number of dirty jokes. Designed for anyone who enjoys that style of humor.

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you?" "I'm the son of the woman you ha.d sex with a.nd I'm gonna scream a.nd tell my dad." "No, please don't," the man pleaded. "It'll cost you." "How much?" the man asked. "Two hundred bucks," the boy said. "All I have 1s a hundred," the man replied. "Sold," the boy sa.ld. "But you ca.n't tell anyone where you got the money." "Okay, mister," the boy sa.ld. "I swear I won't." Finally, the husband left the house a.nd the man leaped out of the closet, ran downstairs, and left the house. 71 The

••• WHAT oo you call an all-nude soap opera? Oenlta.J Hospita.J. 79 WHY oo women 1n Canada use hockey pucks instead of tampons? They last three periods . ••• WHAT's the definition of a. sadist? A proctologist who keeps his thermometer 1n the freezer. • •• SENILE, ninety-year-old woman stuck 1n a home decided she wanted to fuck. She ran into the recreation room, lifted up her nightgown and, showing her snatch, screamed, "Super pussy! Super pussy!" There weren't any takers. The old

d own? A brunette with bad breath. ••• WHY iB life like a. dick? When it's soft, It's hard to beat. When it's hard., y ou get fucked. ••• How oo you know when your girlfriend iB frl.gid? When you spread her legs, the Ught in the refrigerator goes on. ••• THE MARRIAGE counselor asked the husband, wExcuse me, but why did you throw apples at your wife when you last fought?" "Because watermelons were out of season," the husband replied. • •• 103 A DOCTOR gives a man named Jack a physical, then

pose to you 1s this. Why did you shoot your wife and not her lover?" The man shrugged a.nd said, "It seemed easier than shooting a different man every day." ••• A BLACK MAN is 1n church one Sunday. He looks up toward heaven. "Oh, Lord," be says. "Why did you make me so dark?" 109 God answers, "I made you dark so tha.t when you run through a. jungle, the sun wouldn't give you sunstroke." "Oh, Lord, " the black ma.n sa,ys. "Why did you ma.k.e my so coarse?" God answers, "So when you run

wha.t you told me." "'Well," Sonny, "I wa.s in your bedroom closet a.nd Daddy came upstairs wtth the la.dy next door a.nd they got undressed a.nd got into bed a.nd Daddy got on top of her a.nd then they did just what you did wtth Uncle John when Daddy was away last summer." ••• FRANK a.nd Ronald--a. ma.rried-wtthoutrbenefit-of· clergy homosexual couple-were spending a. qutet evening a.t home. "'Hey, Ronald," Frank called out, "has the paperboy come yet?" "'Not yet, but he's

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