Anything For A Laugh, a collection of jokes and anecdotes that you, too, can tell and probably have

Anything For A Laugh, a collection of jokes and anecdotes that you, too, can tell and probably have

Language: English

Pages: 217


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Grosset & Dunlap. First Edition/ First Printing. Hardcover. 217 Pages. Here is the perfect companion volume to Bennett Cerf's bestselling laugh collections, LAUGHING STOCK and TRY AND STOP ME. This prize collection of the current crop of funny stories and anecdotes has been tailored in the inimitable Cerf style for maximum amusement and hilariously illustrated by O'Connor Barrett.

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last night I won eighty bucks with 'em." EVERYBODY ••*•• A PATIENT in the hospital complained to Joe E. Lewis that he hadn't been able to eat a bite of food for four days. "You haven't missed a thing," Lewis consoled him. "It tastes the same as it always did." In an idle moment, Joe composed the following couplet: "Said a cigarette to tbe tray on the sbelf, I just go on making an asb of myself." Incidentally, anybody who doesn't agree that Joe Lewis is the greatest night club entertainer in

baptism, sometimes de joys of de hereafter." "Do you ever touch on anything like chicken stealing?" ribbed the reporter. "Definitely no," said the preacher. "Ah has discovered dat subjects of dat description throws what one might call a coldness over de meetin' ." II 0 ANYTHING FOR A LAUGH THEY WERE bury ing Lenkowsky, a godless and unsavory character who had never been near a place of ·worship in his cnrire lifetime, and the services were necessarily conducted by a rabbi who had never heard

was falling asleep, the revolving beacon from the Palmolive Building landed on his bed. Half awake, Jesse! jumped to the floor, bowed, and sang two more songs. A SMALL HOTEL caught fire in the middle of the night. One guest was not yet asleep, so he got out quickly, and stood with d1e usual crowd of sensation-seekers, watching less fortunate guests run out, jump out, and be carried out by resolute firemen. He turned to d1c man beside him and observed smugly, "I don't sec how people allow

assistant gasped, stole silently out of the house, and paddled back to the office as fast as his little feet would carry him. "What happened?" said the secretarr. "Didn't you go to the beach? " "\Vhat happened," echoed the assistant. " You and your fancy ideas! On account of you I darn ncar got fired!" :a•* cc A Lo}>DOJ'·

youngsters ("moppets," if you read Time magazine): The first time a country kid saw a peacock at the Central Park aviary he exclaimed to his mother, "One of the chickens is in bloom." . . . "Where is Cleveland?" asked the teacher. "Cleveland's in New York todav," declared an alert student, "and Bob Feller is pitching!" . . . "I guess you never heard of my home town," said a visitor. "It is called Timbuctoo." "Yes, I have," said the little daughter of the house. "Our church just sent a missionary

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