Still More Playboy's Party Jokes, Volume 3

Still More Playboy's Party Jokes, Volume 3

Editors of Playboy Magazine

Language: English

Pages: 196

ISBN: 2:00266430

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

HERE IS AN ALL NEW collection of PLAYBOY'S riotous party jokes with still more of those now famous racy gags, raucous limericks, hilarious cartoons and frisky, uninhibited Femllns—all from the pages of America's most sophisticated magazine. This truly delightful compendium of adult humor is bound to provoke chuckles, grins and smiles in urbane circles everywhere. Laugh-loving guys and gals will find STILL MORE PLAYBOY'S PARTY JOKES every bit as funny as those first two bestsellers (PLAYBOY'S PARTY JOKES and MORE PLAYBOY'S PARTY JOKES, each with over a million copies sold). In fact, it may be even funnier.

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Lucky Jim

















York, New Yo rk and on the day in Canada by Playboy Press, Chicago, Ill inois and Simon & Schuster of Canada, Ltd., Richmond H ill , Ont.ario. Printed in the Unjted Stata of Amrrica. ~ "' 0 o- Once upon a time there were three coeds--a big coed, a medium-sized t:oed, and a little, tiny coed. One night they came home from a dance, and the big coed said, "Someone's been sleeping in my bed!" The medium-sized coed looked in her room and sa id, "Someone's been sleeping in m y bed!" And tl1e

evening, when she could no longer control h er emotions, sh e barged into her broLher-in·law's study and pleaded, "james, I want you to take off my dress." The brother- in-law did as she requested. "Now," she continued, "take orr my slip." He again complied. "And now," she said, with a slight blush, "remove my panties a nd bra." Once more James obeyed her command. Then, regai ning her composure, she sta red direct· ly at the embarrassed young man and boldly announced, " I have only one more

near a phone." !I Do you know wh at virgins ea t fo r breakfast?" he asked in his most seductive tone. ''No, what?'' she replied coyly. " Hmmm," he sa id, " just as 1 tho ug ht." G entlem en o f the jury, " sa id !l1e defense auorney, no w beginning to wam1 to his summa tio n, "the real questio n here be fore yo u is, sha ll this beautiful ) Oung wom an be fo rced to languish away her loveliest )Cars in a d ark prison cell ? Or sha ll she be set free to ret urn 10 her cozy little apan ment at 4

sa id the shapely defendant. "I hit him because he called me a vile name." "And just what did he call you?" asked the jurist. "ll's rea lly too terrible to repeat-he .. . he called me a 'two-bit whore'!" "That is bad ,'' said the judge. "What did you hit hi m with?" "A b ag of quarters, your honor." M oney doesn't grow on trees," the beauteous show· girl declared as she stooped to adjust her jeweled platinum a nkle bracele t, "but some limbs have a way of attracti ng itl " 51 A cute young

thirty-year-old blonde a nd we're rally 5Winging." After a pause, a matronly voice aimed at Honolulu replied : "WeU, darling, I'm having a great time, too. 1 met a th iny-year-old man who has been squiring me aU over town and I can assure you I'm certainly enjoying myself more lhan you are.." " How do you figure tllat?" he responded in an irritated tone.. "Simple matllematics, my dear," she purred. "Thiny goes into sixty more times than sixty goes into thiny." All he had asked for was a Jiule

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