Faint of Heart

Faint of Heart

Jeff Strand

Language: English

Pages: 156

ISBN: 0615606660

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Rebecca Harpster is frightened of spending the night alone, but she assures her husband Gary that she'll be fine when he goes out camping with his buddies for the weekend. They have a safe little home in the woods of Alaska with an excellent security system. Yeah, she knows she'll spend the entire time jumping at every noise, but she also knows that the danger is all in her head. By Sunday night, Gary still hasn't returned. And when somebody shows up at the house, it's not her husband. At gunpoint, Rebecca learns what has happened. Two men have kidnapped Gary. He went through a weekend of pure hell. They'll give him back to her, but first, Rebecca has to relive his entire experience, step by horrific step... …and survive...

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last touch-up had been done shortly after the Gold Rush. It was barely after nine on a Monday morning. What were any cars doing here? She shut off the engine and walked inside. The bartender looked up as she entered, as did the two other patrons, who sat at separate tables, watching ESPN on a television mounted over a door. One of them was a big guy with a beard that severely needed trimming and a huge gut, the other was an older man, maybe in his sixties, wearing a red ball cap and smoking

understand?" "Yes!" "Make me believe it." "Yes!" she screamed. Alan held the blade there for a few more moments, then took it away and released his grip on her hair. "Good. That's all I wanted to hear." Rebecca raised her head and brushed her hair out of her eyes. Alan had a thin sheen of perspiration on his forehead. She hadn't been struggling; had he really worked up a sweat from that little action? "I...I think you're running the game fine," said Rebecca. "Ah, I don't give

hunting knife in each hand. CHAPTER SIXTEEN Rebecca screamed. One of the knives struck Todd in the shoulder, while the other slashed across his upper chest. He cried out in pain, dropped his makeshift spear, and spun around, revealing his bloody wounds, the knife still lodged in his shoulder. Alan grabbed him by the back of the collar as Nicholas jumped to his feet and hurried forward. Stephen rushed out of the woods, a few feet from where Alan had emerged. He held a shotgun. "Don't

it quietly enough not to get caught by whichever one of the kidnappers was still in the cabin. The smart thing to do was climb in bed, do everything she possibly could to put this whole horrific situation out of her mind, and try to sleep. She didn't know what was going to happen to her tomorrow, but she'd certainly be better equipped to deal with it with a full night's rest. She climbed in bed, got under a blanket that smelled of mildew, and closed her eyes. She couldn't cry anymore, and

do you? Oh well, not your fault, I guess." He extended the plate toward her. "Here's breakfast." She wasn't the least bit hungry, but she stood up and took the plate from him anyway. Stephen gestured for her to sit back down on the bed. "I'm not the kind of person who likes to bog things down with a lot of rules and regulations," Stephen explained, standing in the center of the room. "So we're going to keep this simple. Like I said, it'll pretty much be a 'learn as you go' experience. You

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