Wildly Gross Jokes Volume XXIII

Wildly Gross Jokes Volume XXIII

Language: English

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ISBN: 0821753509

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The author of Savagely Gross Jokes and Terribly Gross Jokes presents a new collection of hilariously disgusting, revolting, and offensive jokes. Original.

Letters from a Nut

I'm Dying Up Here: Heartbreak and High Times in Stand-up Comedy's Golden Era

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The Great Texas Joke Book





















divorces, and mind-numbing But their world exploded in tragedy when seemingly mildmannered Jim gunned down his younger brother in cold blood. This is a riveting tale of a modern day Cain and Abel! the addictions. Available wherever paperbacks are sold, or order direct from the Publisher. Send cover price plus 50$ per copy for mailing and han- dling to Penguin USA, P.O. Box 999, c/o Dept. 17109, Bergenfleld, NJ 07621. Residents of New York and Tennessee must include sales tax. NOT SEND CASH.

and moving to Tur"It says key." His wife replies, "I'd like to "Why?" he fries up your Fish and along." asks. "I'd like to see you live year," his wife says. What do you come get on when you fifty stuff french girlfriend's twat? chips. dollars a WILDLY GROSS JOKES You know a woman is ugly 25 when She looks out the window and arrested for mooning. 1. 2. As a baby, she had to . . . gets be breast-fed by the family dog. 3. Even mosquitoes won't 4. She goes to

think, that I asked for a twelveinch pianist?" Gross Celebrity Jokes the seven dwarfs say when the prince woke Sleeping Beauty up? What did "Looks like it's back to jerking off What do Roseanne and common? a football have in Pigskin. How do you know Roseanne is really fat? She hangs license plates from her charm bracelet. 32 If Julius Alvin Tarzan was an Arab, what would Chee- tah be? Pregnant. Why leg does Stevie Wonder have one black and one yellow His dog Why is

wife, but I still love her. This is what we'll do. We'll play one hand of gin rummy, and whoever wins gets to keep her." "Fine," Myron agrees. "But just to keep it interesting, let's play for a penny a ' point." 56 Julius Alvin How do Jews celebrate Christmas? They put parking meters on What do you in A call their roofs. a taco with a food stamp it? Mexican fortune cookie. What is 5-12-6? The measurements of Miss Who killed Somalia. more Indians than Union Carbide. Custer?

So deaf people can enjoy them, too. WILDLY GROSS JOKES How can you tell if your wife is 1 09 being un- faithful? You move from New York to California and you still have the same mailman. The comedian from the performed called his wife road and boasted, "Last night I for ten minutes and got lots of laughs." "Oh?" she asked. "Did you have sex with someone?" Bumper sticker: poon Roseanne." "Save the whales. Har- 110 Julius Alvin Why are a whiskey taster and a child mo-

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