Doctor in the House

Doctor in the House

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 0573608113

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Comedy / 5 m., 4 f. / Int. Adapted from the novel by Richard Gordon about the off duty lives of a group of medical students, this play weaves their happy triumphs and brave failures, love affairs and parties into a many colored pattern. Several individuals confined under the same roof employ a blithe exterior to hide their hopes and fears, ineffectually concealing an underlying earnestness of purpose. The play provides a good variety of character parts: young men, some playboys, some serious; the college porter and the eccentric professor; the dragon matron; nurses pretty and dull; and the landlady extraordinary. FEE: $75 per performance.

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excellent reason for refusing to alter it. We gathered for our first ward round under the cold eye of Sir Benjamin. The differences that divided the firm, which were emphasized on Tuesday mornings, had already become obvious. The students stood in a little subdued group behind the statue. We wore our suits, with stethoscopes coiling out of our pockets and foolscap notebooks under our arms. We chatted quietly between ourselves, but would not have contemplated exchanging words with the two

horrified. He had an obsession that he might one day be trapped into matrimony by a nurse and walked round the hospital as warily as a winning punter passing the men with the three-card trick. ‘It’s the thin end of the wedge, my boy!’ he exclaimed. ‘You watch your step, or you’ll end up as aisle-fodder before you know where you are. They’re vixens, the lot of them.’ ‘And good luck to them,’ Grimsdyke added emphatically. ‘After all, that’s what they come to the hospital for – to find a husband.

agreed that it was important we should be able to ask our girl-friends to our home, and with the privacy without which the invitation would be pointless. As accommodation was limited it was equally important that the other three should not be obliged to tramp the streets angrily during the entire evening, or go to bed. Archie and Vera had been no problem because they kept to their own room, but some arrangement had to be made among the rest of us. We decided that each should have one evening a

concentrate on the game. Every time the ’phone bell rang in the distance we jumped up nervously together. Grimsdyke suggested bed at ten, predicting we would be roused as soon as we dropped off to sleep. We cut for who should be on first call: I lost. It was four when the porter woke me up. He cheerily pulled off the bedclothes and handed me a slip of paper with an address scribbled on it in pencil. ‘You’d better hurry, sir,’ he said. ‘They sounded proper worried over the ’phone.’ I rolled out

against a dull brown door attached to a spring that creaked violently as it opened. The door led to the back of a steep tier of narrow wooden benches rising from the lecturer’s desk like a football stand. Behind the desk were three large blackboards screwed to the walls, which were otherwise panelled with stained perpendicular planks. The roof was lost in a criss-cross of thin iron girders through which half a dozen electric globes were suspended to supplement the thin light that filtered

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