Dave Cameron and the Extraterrestrial 2016

Dave Cameron and the Extraterrestrial 2016

Language: English

Pages: 178


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Full of surprises and a hilarious plot and begins in a forest one night when an extraterrestrial comes crashing down and the strange extraterrestrial entity manages to survive the impact and release of forces and alters its form to this world, as it creeps out into the dark world and forest, and it hides in one of the stupidest places before humans arrive.

The army arrives and investigates what crashed into the wood and newspapers report it and officials at NASA are brought in, and in the end admit a military weapon system shot it out of the sky on its appearance over the world.

Scientists explore everything they can and try to find what escaped from the crash!

Has moments of ingenuity and action, high comedy, and scary moments and accelerates on in a convincingly everyday setting that makes it work!

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apart and something seemed to shift into his sight in an altered motion and he stared startled at it trying to wake up and realize what it was. After a few minutes he heard a loud giggle burst out of Simpson’s lightly closed lips, breaking the intense atmosphere, and he turned to see the angry expression on Fogler’s face and he realized how deep it was and he followed his eyes back to the door and to Hanks standing, looking embarrassed, with a horse that looked like it had been crossed with a

not be able to do anything again. He grew annoyed with him and dragged him along the pavement by the legs, broke his grip on a lamppost, and pulled him up his pathway kicking and screaming, with him pulling up chunks of concrete from the pathway as he yanked him in jerks along it and dumped him in a heap on his doorstep, and rolled the pensioner around in a ball until his face was visible to show to his daughter, who came over to the door. “Thanks very much!” she answered, when he told her of

static!” She remained confused and laughed for a few seconds, allowing him time to think, and she replied, “I’m sorry about that! Which title did you rent?” He quickly replied with the first title he saw, and replied, “It’s called the Head Cleaner!” She laughed and told him to come round and return it and told him her new address, and stuff about herself before she hanged up, and he knew it was her and he somehow recognized her! Cameron realized he had been lucky and that if she knew him that

sure I can help you!” he asked. She thought about it and decided to do something and turned on her television and watched it for a few minutes. “I think I’d better start over again ... From when we first met I was an intelligence agent and helping you?” “Tell me what happened?” he replied, thinking that he could finally answer some unanswered questions from the past “The Prime Minister David Cameron, the politician, had a craving for great wealth! One day he was offered far more to do

moan back, “A weather disturbance wouldn’t do that like that!” “I’ll believe the theories when I have proof!” Simpson uttered to the other soldiers. “They’re probably altering an explosion of some unknown explosive ...” Fogler replied. “Someone could have been testing out something from where they worked!” Simpson gave a short burst of laughter, and replied, “Someone has removed some classified explosive and tested it out! I don’t know what it is but I somehow think it could be far more

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