Anonymous Lawyer: A Novel

Anonymous Lawyer: A Novel

Jeremy Blachman

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 0312425554

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

He's a hiring partner at one of the world's largest law firms. Brilliant yet ruthless, he has little patience for associates who leave the office before midnight or steal candy from the bowl on his secretary's desk. He hates holidays and paralegals. And he's just started a weblog to tell the world about what life is really like at the top of his profession.

Meet Anonymous Lawyer. The summer's about to start, and he's got a new crop of interns. But he's also got a few things bothering him: The Jerk, his bitter rival, is determined to beat him out for the chairman's job. And Anonymous Wife is spending his money as fast as he can make it. And there's that secret blog he's writing, which is just a perverse bit of fun until he gets an e-mail from someone inside the firm who knows he's its author.

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his grades were good, he’s on Law Review, and he has nice teeth. So he convinced me. We took him. Heck, he goes to Yale, so of course we took him. But I’m worried. The reality is that anyone who’s got something else pulling at him is not going to be a good fit here. You can’t spend a hundred and ten hours a week in the office if your heart is somewhere else. This is too all-consuming to leave room for passions. We know most of our associates don’t truly love the law. We accept that. They’re here

than usual. “You didn’t stay too long at my picnic on Saturday,” I said to him. “I was hoping you’d get a chance to see the house,” “[The Jerk] wanted to get me up to speed on what’s going on in litigation. Before I even knew what was happening, we were at The Palm talking about new avenues of business for the firm to start exploring in the Asian market. I’ll see the house some other time. I heard the event went well.” “It did. I’d love to engage in the Asian discussions as well, if you think

more expensive the restaurants get, the more any claim of ethnic food con-verges into some sort of global fusion cuisine with the same fancy ingredients. That the expensive Chinese food is the same as the expensive Greek food, and miso-glazed salmon is everywhere. Why is he thinking so much about the food? He ordered the baby lettuce to start, and then went into what sounded like another routine he’s been practicing about how the more expensive the restaurant, the younger the food, with baby

shouldn’t it be good enough for me? My nephew is a sophomore in college. I called him on his birthday a couple of weeks ago to wish him well and came away feeling like college is turning him into a socialist. He thinks making money is wrong unless you do something good with it. He said I’m selfish. If he was trying to get me to offer to pay his tuition, it didn’t work. He sees his friends who are seniors start to get jobs, as investment bankers or management consultants, or decide to go to law

fiefdom, I’m the king. I’m not the king anywhere else. You tell people at a cocktail party that you’re a partner at a law firm, and it sounds okay, but it’s nothing special. It’s not like being a rock star or the third baseman for the Dodgers. But in this building it’s everything. I wonder if Belize is nice this time of year. Actually, I don’t even care. I hope it’s snowing. #Posted by Anonymous at 3:40 PM To: Anonymous Lawyer From: The Musician Date: Friday, May 26, 4:03 PM You sent The

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