The official Michiganians' guide to Ohio jokes

The official Michiganians' guide to Ohio jokes

Richard Loren Rahn

Language: English

Pages: 71

ISBN: B0006YFA64

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

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foot off his head!! 31 What is a proctologist in Ohio called? A brain surgeon! '(:( '(:( '(:( Did you hear about the Ohioan who wanted to write Happy Birthday on a cake? For three hours he tried to get that cake into a typewriter! '(:( '(:( '(:( How do we know Batman was from Ohio? Who else would wear his jockey shorts over his leotards!! * '(:( '(:( What is the definition of mass confusion? Father's Day in Cleveland! 32 What do you call three Ohio men sitting on the lawn?

next to Ohio. *** What is the definition of foreplay in Ohio? Cutting eyeholes in your wife's paper bag! *** An Ohio man was arrested for rape and put into a police lineup. When the victim was ushered in to identify her assailant, he pointed to her and shouted, "That's her, that's her! " 43 Where can you buy panties made out of fertilizer bags and bras made out of beer cans? Fredericks of Ohio!! *** The Ohio girl came home in tears one day and cried, "Daddy, I'm pregnant!" I Her father

answered, "Are you sure it's yours?" r *** OHIO MAN: Can't we keep our marriage a secret? OHIO WOMAN: But what if we have a baby? OHIO MAN: Oh, we'll tell the baby, of course. *** What did the Ohio man do with his first fifty-cent piece? He married her! 44 I Two Ohio men were driving home from work. ,, t's stop and get a beer at this great new place 1 I.e d" said the one. "The barstools are numbered foUD , • call d 1s e , you can go upstairs and andif your number ., 1 have free sex. ''No

Glen Frey Marlo Thomas Arte Johnson Harry Morgan Bob Seger Ed McMahon Danny Thomas Ted Nugent William Boeing Dick Martin Alice Cooper Ellen Burstyn Piper Laurie Martin Milner Henry Ford Lily Tomlin Francis Ford Coppola Stevie Wonder Robin Williams George Peppard Charles Lindbergh Pam Dawber Dick Enberg Betty Hutton FAMOUS PEOPLE FROM OHIO: (Complete List) Don King 57 BUMPER STICKERS SEEN AROUND ANN ARBOR: ** * OHOWIHATEOHIOSTATE ** * Ohio isn't even a nice place to visit, let alone live

I'd like to hear them. The jokes will be published in an up· coming book. Let's put Ohio in its place! Send jokes, name, ad· dress to P.O. Box 1090, Bloomfield Hills, MI. 48303 9 Sffi!Of OIHO Oili ~aH1D ~ SNVINVDIHOIW '1VIOiddO ~Hili ~ 1 MICHIGAN AND OHIO TROUBLE FROM THE START Michigan and Ohio have been going at it a long time. In 1835 they almost had a full scale war with each other. It seems there was some question about the boundary line between the two. (About a 400 sq. mile

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