The Comedies of William Shakespeare

The Comedies of William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare

Language: English

Pages: 1120


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discharg’d, For he is bound to sea and stays but for it. ANTIPHOLUS OF EPHESUS. I am not furnish’d with the pres- ent money; Besides, I have some business in the town. Good signior, take the stranger to my house, And with you take the chain, and bid my wife Disburse the sum on the receipt thereof: Perchance I will be there as soon as you. ANGELO. Then, you will bring the chain to her yourself? ANTIPHOLUS OF EPHESUS. No; bear it with you, lest I come not time enough. ANGELO. Well, sir,

converse apart BOYET. The tongues of mocking wenches are as keen As is the razor’s edge invisible, Cutting a smaller hair than may be seen, Above the sense of sense; so sensible Seemeth their conference; their conceits have wings Fleeter than arrows, bullets, wind, thought, swifter things. ROSALINE. Not one word more, my maids: break off, break off. BEROWNE. By heaven, all dry-beaten with pure scoff! KING. Farewell, mad wenches: you have simple wits. PRINCESS. Twenty adieus, my frozen

still thou mistak’st, Or else commit’st thy knaveries wilfully. PUCK. Believe me, king of shadows, I mistook. Did not you tell me I should know the man By the Athenian garments he had on? And so far blameless proves my enterprise, That I have ’nointed an Athenian’s eyes; And so far am I glad it so did sort, As this their jangling I esteem a sport. OBERON. Thou see’st these lovers seek a place to fight: Hie therefore, Robin, overcast the night; The starry welkin cover thou anon With

coldest fault? I would not lose the dog for twenty pound. FIRST HUNTSMAN. Why, Bellman is as good as he, my lord; He cried upon it at the merest loss, And twice to-day pick’d out the dullest scent: Trust me, I take him for the better dog. LORD. Thou art a fool: if Echo were as fleet, I would esteem him worth a dozen such. But sup them well, and look unto them all: To-morrow I intend to hunt again. FIRST HUNTSMAN. I will, my lord. LORD. (Sees Sly) What ’s here? one dead, or drunk? See,

promise- keeping. SECOND GENTLEMAN. Besides, you know, it draws some- thing near to the speech we had to such a purpose. FIRST GENTLEMAN. But most of all, agreeing with the proc- lamation. LUCIO. Away! let ’s go learn the truth of it. Exeunt Lucio and Gentlemen MRS. OVERDONE. Thus, what with the war, what with the sweat, what with the gallows and what with poverty, I am custom-shrunk. Enter Pompey How now! what ’s the news with you? POMPEY. Yonder man is carried to prison. MRS.

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