The Bigger Book Of Gross Jokes

The Bigger Book Of Gross Jokes

Julius Alvin

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 1575663627

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Julius Alvin has created an even bigger, even grosser, even more offensive collection that hits everyone's sore spots and cranks up the volume of laughs with hundreds of hilarious jokes from America's favorite gross-out king.192 pp.

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cate operation, one of his testicles falls onto the floor. and before the nurse can pick it up, the doctor steps on it. The doctor tells the nurse, "Don't worry, we can replace it. Get me a very small onion." She does, and the doctor replaces the missing ball with the onion. A few weeks later, the patlent stops by to see the doctor, who asks him what seems to be the problem. 'Well, it's like this," the patient replies. "Every time I take a piss, my eyes water. Every time I come. I get heartburn.

ran into the most interesting people. • • • How can you spot the WASP kid in the playground? He's the one making rnudpies \vith a Cuisinart. • • • The Bigger B o ok of Gross Jokes So the Polish woman was allergic to birth control pills. She asked her gynecologist to recommend the best contraceptives. The doctor said, "Try withdrawal, douches. and rubbers." Three years later, the Polish woman was walking down the street with three children when she ran into her gynecologist, who said to her,

Why did the Polish herrwphiliac die? He went to an acupuncturist. • • • • Gross Ethnic Jokes Why are Jewish mothers like parole o.fficers? They never let anyone finlsh a sentence. • • • The Jewish mother answers the phone. "Hello?" she says. The voice on the other end of the line says, "I want to rlp your clothes off. tie you to the bed, and have sex With you ten different ways, then do it all over again?" The Jewish mother repUes, ..All this you lmow from just saying hello?" • • • Hear

a carl Spray ln some Lysol. ••• This polish guy goes to the airport and says to the ticket agent, "How long does lt take to fiy to Poland?" The ticket agent ls very busy. He says to the Polack, "Just a minute, slr." The Polack says, 'Thank you," and leaves. • • • The Bigger Book of Gross Jokes This young female intern is working at a nursing home. She meets Mrs. Schwartz. who is ninety-nine years old. The intern starts examining Mrs. Schwartz. who asks the pretty young doctor. "Are you

athlete's fetus . • A Really Gross Variety So Murray and liVing are silting on a park bench 1n Miami Beach . I.rv1ng says to Murray. 'Tm seventy years old. I've got two million in the bank. and l'm in love with a blonde who's half my age. Do you think she'd marry me if I told her I was only fifty?'' Murray tells his friend. ··x think you'd do a lot better if you told her you were eighty.·· • • • Why is life Wee a cock? When it's soft, it's hard to beat; when it's hard, you get screwed. •

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