High Hearts

High Hearts

Rita Mae Brown

Language: English

Pages: 339

ISBN: 0553278886

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From the celebrated author of Rubyfruit  Jungle and Bingo  comes a stirring novel of the Civil War, a tale of  true love and mistaken identity. Brimming with  colorful characters and vivid settings, High  Hearts is Rita Mae Brown at her most  ambitious and entertaining.

April 12,  1861. Bright, gutsy and young,Geneva Chatfield  marries Nash Hart in Albemarle County, Virginia, the  same day Fort Sumter's guns fire the start of the  Civil War. Five days later she loses him as Nash  joins the Confederate Army. Geneva, who is known  as the best rider since Light Horse Harry Lee,  cuts her hair, dons a uniform, enlists as "Jimmy  Chatfield," then rides off to be with her  beloved Nash. But sensitive Nash recoils in horror  from the violence of war, while Geneva is  invigorated by the chase and the fight. Can she be all the  man her husband isn't? She'll sure as hell try.  But there is a complication, and his name is Major  "Mars" Vickers. This macho major, to his own  shock and amazement, finds himself inexplicably  attracted to the young soldier named "Jimmy."  And this is only the beginning of a novel that  moves with sureness and grace from the ferocity of  battle to the struggle on the homefront, and brings  passion and sly humor to a story of dawning love.  High Hearts is a penetrating,  delightful and sweeping tale that gives fresh life to a  fascinating  time

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reproach me for living,” Nash quietly said. “Poor devil, whoever he is. He got his quietus.” Banjo placed his hand on his horse’s hindquarters and twisted around to see Nash. The jingle of sabers and spurs was interrupted only by the pop, pop of pistol fire at disjointed intervals. “Jesus, save me!” a voice called far from the road. A torchbearer moved closer to the line. “Hear that one?” Banjo pointed toward bramble. “There, I think. Night plays tricks on the ears.” “Thanks, Lieutenant.”

colonel, the sting wasn’t so bad, and to Henley’s credit, he possessed good powers of organization. “Your father is making arrangements to ship the best brood mares and stallions to Kentucky.” Nash leaned against a pillow. “Why?” Geneva was incredulous. “Because if they stay here, they’ll be used for cannon fodder, and that will be the end of a lifetime of bloodlines. He’s going to give the geldings and average stock to the cavalry.” “Why is he doing it now?” “Within a few days every train

self-pity. Rousing himself for one last look at the world, he noticed the lacy pattern of the leaves, the handiwork of a master. “Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy Name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will—” “Curious,” Kate remarked to Lutie. The cannons belched for two days, but few wounded filtered into Richmond. Every now and then an ambulance cart would clatter past the house, but an odd silence prevailed. “I think this battle may not be fully joined,” Lutie said. “Yes,” Kate replied.

that he might be missing something, sent off spasms of couriers. Mars, equally distraught, paced. At 11 A.M. Mars begged Stuart to let him take a small force and scout the terrain. Their maps had roads and streams marked, but no elevations. J.E.B. Stuart, pleased with his old friend’s spirit, nonetheless informed Mars he’d already sent out such a party. By noon, Stuart, impatience personified, mounted and rode off himself. Mars angrily threw his hat on the ground, then aware that every eye was

back acres. So I planted them and now I regret that I didn’t speak to you or to Mr. Chatfield. I am, however, prepared to make good. I could pay you rent on the land, fifty cents an acre.” “I’ll consider your offer, but I must discuss it with my husband first.” She tightened the reins slightly and casually touched the long whip on the flanks of the two dapple gray geldings. She missed her high stepping hackney team, now safely boarded in Kentucky. She hoped they’d be back home as soon as the

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