Extremely Gross Jokes, Volume 4

Extremely Gross Jokes, Volume 4

Julius Alvin

Language: English

Pages: 164

ISBN: 2:00263459

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From Amazon:
Lest one think these are a just the quirky output of a self-publishing eccentric, the series was published by Kensington Publishers under their Zebra Books imprint. Kensington's current website describes Zebra Books as their "flagship imprint [that] publishes nationally bestselling women's fiction, romantic suspense and bestselling historical, paranormal and contemporary romances." While no longer in print, the publisher characterized the jokes in this series as politically incorrect, raunchy jokes about ethnic groups, homosexuals, women, animals, politicians, celebrities and other unwitting targets."

The author has painstakingly collected thousands of such jokes and preserved them in print. While out of print, most are available used from Amazon resellers as $0.01 books.These are a valuable resource if one is studying such humor. I put the author's name in quotes because I believe it is a nom de plume for the person who holds the copyright for these books. Julius Alvin only appears on the Internet as the author of these works with no further biographical information.


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undressed me, and lifted me on to the bed with my bride. We my spent the night together, and the next morning three of my sons came upstairs and lifted me off all the bed." "Why did it take three sons to lift listener asked. The old man smiled. "I fought 'em." 96 you off?" a EXTREMELY GROSS JOKES Three old women were sitting on a park bench when came up, pulled his raincoat open and a flasher exposed himself. The old first woman had woman had a stroke; the second old a

stroke; but the third old were too short woman's arms to reach. What's a practical nurse? One who marries a wealthy old patient. Why did the prize at the She took little lady with varicose veins win costume off all first ball? her clothes and went as a road map. 97 JULIUS ALVIN His last will and testament complete, the old man in the oxygen tent fondly told his son that all his weahh, stocks, bonds, bank accounts, and real estate would be end came. Dad," whispered the

first man to sleep with your' His bride let private parts. her hand "You drift will be," down to play with his she cooed, "if you doze off." While inspecting bride discovered a their little honeymoon hotel room, the box attached to the bed. "What's this for?" she asked her husband. "If you put a quarter in," he answered, reaching into his pocket, "the bed starts vibrating." "Save your money," she quarter in, I start said. "When you're a vibrating." The young bride was

bus In a invented? terminal. A Puerto Rican was trying to get into a pay toilet. What's the Puerto Rican national anthem? "We'll take Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island too ." . What A . does a Mexican have in the front of his pants? Spanish fly. 26 EXTREMELY GROSS JOKES What's the name of the famous Puerto Rican baby care expert? Dr. Spick. What does 1-C represent? The apartment number of a Puerto Rican penthouse. Why don't Puerto Rican girls shave their legs? They

unemployment 45 checks. JULIUS ALVIN What do you A call an impotent Black man? limp pimp. What's Italian ice? Lemon sherbet with little black hairs all over it. What's a Polack's favorite sex aid? Pepto Bismol. Why do Italian streetwalkers end up wealthy? Because they never let a Dago by without 46 a fuck. EXTREMELY GROSS JOKES A bee returned to the hive one day to find another bee circling around with a yarmulke on its head. "What in the hell are you wearing

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