Battles for Atlanta: Sherman Moves East

Battles for Atlanta: Sherman Moves East

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This book gives many interesting details of the strategies of both sides which is fascinating. You come to admire the strength and courage of both armies regardless of your view of the war. This book shows that Atlanta was not given up without a fight. Johnston defensive strategy, and Sherman's flanking maneveurs all the way from Tennessee to Atlanta are detailed with maps, photos, and more. The sacking of Johnson for Hood before the battle of Atlanta is described along with the various opinions of generals and historians on the effect of this move.

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body. When the brigade ments fines and cling finally got the — New Hope Church, — but one endless order to retire, the 5th Ken- and Dallas when the regi- referred to tucky refused to budge. Only Pickett's Mill as it all battle. They simply as the "Hell Hole." 59 " Standoff at Kennesaw Mountain 'The wonder was that any lived through such a storm of shot and shell and grape and canister and musket balls. It was a costly experiment, and, judged by the event, without a single,

Federals he Jl is i * Federal shell on June 14, 1864. "The death of this eminent Christian and soldier," Johnston later wrote, was the result of Polk's "characteristic insensibility to danger." commanding general, Joseph Johnston. I Late that afternoon, two of Hood's divisions r Slow to follow Generals Hardee and [ohnston (foreground) toward cover during a burst of artillery fire, General Leonidas Polk is killed instantly by a direct hit from a that bother to consult his emerged

quickly repaired, but Wheeler stayed on the prowl, sending back sketchy reports of success to Atlanta. Sherman had dispatched Union the in prompt response forward ing driven off; the Hugh Judthe Macon & troopers under Brigadier General son Kilpatrick south to cut Western line; their results Sherman's right flank was Point. were negligible. just short of East "Both armies are laying still and so did the skirmishing. After sundown, soldiers on both sides placed balls of cotton

advance with — in a single line to no more than 1 3,000 men cover the ground occupied by Lee the pre- vious day and to protect against Campbell led into action at Jonesboro full assault The across a cotton field. attack centered on the angle where the Confederate line turned back to the rail- *>wp 'll Officers of the 14th Ohio pose for a farewell portrait at war's end. Sub- by the end of the Atlanta Campaign, the regiment fielded just 19 officers at Jonesboro and eight of that

more than a dozen Station, Ulysses Grant, from the stalemated Federal line at Petersburg, wrote his old partner, "You have accomplished if primary objec- of destroying the Confederate army, but now virtually assured, proclaimed a national cities. unsurpassed not unequaled." Sherman had President Lincoln, whose reelection was as satisfied, content to probe halfheart- more at Lovejoy's where Hood now had concentrated his entire army. Then, on September 5, Sherman began the

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