Sherman's March

Sherman's March

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After General William Tecumseh Sherman took Atlanta in September 1864, General John B. Hood's Army of Tennessee regrouped outside the city and countered the grouped outside the city and countered the Federals by attacking northwest, toward Chattanooga. Rebuffed at Allatoona, Hood withdrew into Alabama as Sherman initiated his grand strategy: Leaving General George H. Thomas in Tennessee to deal with Hood, Sherman led his forces from Atlanta on a march southeastward to the sea.

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Campaign, "he was quite capable of mounting bareback the that first animal, horse or mule, came to hand and charging in his shirt at the head of his troopers with a dare-devil skeptic in rehgious matters. But Sherman doubtless admired Howard's personal courage: He had lost his right arm leading a charge at Fair Oaks in 1862. Besides, if all went according to plan, neither wing of the army would have to fight a major battle on the way to Savannah; the objective was to keep the troops moving,

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urged Featherston, was also in trouble. Faced by leave the field. "No," he replied, "I withering Federal fire, the brigade advanced hesitantly, stopped, then began to fall back. This brought Loring on the scene, white with rage. A fiery individual, swift to anger, the one-armed general galloped to the head Do I show the men of the brigade shouting, "Great God! command cowards?" Then to how it was done, he turned his horse's head toward the Federal earthworks and tionless in

— seemed to pour over those Rebel earthworks. But we got back. O, us ran we had to. Some of backward most of the way because we yes; didn't like the idea of being found with a hole in our back." The Federals to the foot of attack retreated Overton had not been alarmed Hood down Hill. the slopes But the in vain: Its fury that he failed had so had pulled Patrick Cleburne's division — now led by Brigadier General James A. Smith — from poa crucial sition to on Shy's Hill and

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