What did he just say?: Unspeakable Jokes that you shouldn't tell at dinner parties or anywhere else.

What did he just say?: Unspeakable Jokes that you shouldn't tell at dinner parties or anywhere else.

Language: English

Pages: 130

ISBN: 1463549229

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Unspeakable Jokes that you shouldn’t tell at dinner parties or anywhere else. Volume 1. A diversion from your typical tame jokes, What did he say? cruises down the fastlane and crosses over the "line" and keeps on going. Dishing out the most horrific jokes, the most extreme side-splitting humor that we have all come to love so much. Don't deny yourself the chance to laugh like you have never laughed before as you page through raunchy jokes and racist rants. No one is off limits in this no holds barred slam-down of extreme comedy. If you love 4CHAN, you'll love this book! If you love jokes that you can't say out loud in public - this is the book for you!

The Restless Supermarket

Absolut Noll

Treasury of Laughter

Odd Ducks




















he stops and says to the kid "I can take you to the next town but you'll have to ride in the back, I can't take hitchhikers, company policy" the kid agrees and gets in the back of the container with 5 What did he just say? the bowling balls. Several miles down the road, the trucker gets pulled over by a redneck cop. Despite the driver's objections the cop insists he needs to check the back of the truck for drugs, so the driver stays in the cab while the cop walks around back and unlatches the

purple and tied up in my backyard? A: My nigger, and I'll paint him any color I want. Q: What do you do when you see a nigger with half a face? A: Stop laughing and reload. 9 What did he just say? Q: Why don't black people write checks? A: Because they can't sign their signature in spray paint. Q: Why do black people love basketball so much? A : They love to run , shoot and steal. Q: How does every black joke start? A: By looking over each shoulder! Q: What do you do if you see a nigger

the difference between a Chinese person and a Japanese person? A: A Geiger counter. They say if you give a Japanese man a fish , he'll eat for a day. If you give a Japanese man a fishing net, he may find the rest of his family. If your Japanese girlfriend leaves you , don't fret, there are plenty more left in the sea . I just got a new camera. It was funny how I came across it. Some Japanese tourists asked me to take their picture while I was on the beach. I took the camera and said 'Wave I"

deer... and we swerved ... and then there was a crash .... and blood ... and mommy and daddy are dead ! Wahhhhhhhhhhl" The man looks around , and assesses the horror of the accident and all of the blood and carnage. It was such a miracle that this girl somehow escaped unscathed. And then he starts undoing his pants. "Wow" he says, "This just isn't your day." 53 What did he just say? Q: What do you do after you rape a blind, dumb, deaf girl? A: Break her fingers so she can't tell anybody. Q:

eight-yearold boy? A. Getting blood all over your clown suit. Q: Why did Michael Jackson dangle his son over the balcony? A: To shake the cum off. Pedophiles are fucking immature assholes. "So I was fucking this chick in the ass in my clown suit, when she turns to me and says, "a clown suit, isn't that a bit ostentatious?' And I said, "Ostentatious, isn't that a big word for an 8 year old?"' 56 LS What did he just say? If a mentally challenged midget is late to an appointment, can you

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