The Craft Cocktail Party: Delicious Drinks for Every Occasion

The Craft Cocktail Party: Delicious Drinks for Every Occasion

Language: English

Pages: 240

ISBN: 1455581593

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A Craft Cocktail book for the rest of us by the top female mixologist in the country.

Julie Reiner, the co-owner of The Clover Club in Brooklyn and The Flatiron Lounge in Manhattan, has written a book that provides inspiration for the rest of us, not only the cocktail geeks. She wants to balance the needs of the everyday drinker with those of the passionate mixologist.
Recipes are organized around seasonality and occasion, with different events and themes appropriate to the specific time of the year. Each section will include a mixture of holiday-inspired drinks, classic cocktails, and innovative new drinks, all along with fun cocktail lore. Tricks, tips, and techniques--such as batching and infusions, tools of the trade, notes on spirit types, and easy substitutions to utilize what you already have on hand--will round out the amazing amount of information in Reiner's book.

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elaborate origin stories and evoke an ethos that has been resurrected—think speakeasies, arm garters, and a slew of new spirits made in old styles—for cultish enjoyment. For me, the appeal is far more basic. These early cocktails are in many ways perfect in their minimalism, and they have become templates for everything that has followed. Basically, they are easy and delicious; they are the drinks that I am most likely to mix for myself at home. The drink recipes in this chapter are likely

CHAMPS-ÉLYSÉES If you really love the Sidecar, you may want to try one of its most famous variations (also a classic), the Champs-Élysées. Green Chartreuse, an herbal liqueur from France, changes the formula remarkably. 2 ounces VSOP Cognac (I recommend Rémy Martin VSOP) � ounce Cointreau 1 teaspoon green Chartreuse � ounce lemon juice � ounce simple syrup 2 dashes Angostura bitters Garnish / Lemon twist Shake the Cognac, Cointreau, Chartreuse, lemon juice, simple syrup, and bitters with

in the liquor industry, so by the time February rolls around, most folks are ready for an excuse to imbibe. Leave it to New Orleans, one of the most important cocktail cities in the world, to provide the pretense: Mardi Gras. The weather may be awful, but winter is the high season of party throwing. I have learned to love it, even as I grumble with every extra layer I wear, because it provides me with extra opportunities to do what I love most: gather with friends and raise glasses. CHAPTER 9

make this the night before to cut your workload down on New Year’s Eve. When you are ready to serve, transfer the mixture (including the fruit) to a punch bowl and slowly add the Champagne and the ice. Garnish the bowl with the strawberry slices. To serve, ladle into punch glasses. This punch can also be served Sangria-style in a pitcher and poured over ice. TOASTING TIP Before the party, I set aside a tray of clean flutes and store them separately from the rest of the glassware so they’re

apricot, plum, fig, and apple. BLUSH BABY As anyone who’s ever been to a beach resort can tell you, rum and fruit are a natural pair. The caramel-like sugars in Flor de Caña and Appleton Estate rums offer amazing depth when combined with the berry fruit. 1 blackberry 1 raspberry � ounce demerara syrup (here) 1¼ ounces white rum (I recommend Flor de Caña Extra Dry 4 Year) � ounce Jamaican rum (I recommend Appleton Estate V/X) � ounce lemon juice 2 ounces dry or sparkling rosé wine

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