The Beer Book: Your Drinking Companion to Over 1,700 Beers

The Beer Book: Your Drinking Companion to Over 1,700 Beers

Tim Hampson

Language: English

Pages: 357

ISBN: 0756653657

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The ideal drinking companion – an extensive directory of over 2,000 beers, complete with tasting notes and details on the breweries behind them.

Beer, the drink to taste, savour, talk about and travel for. Explore its astonishing variety and rapidly expanding new tastes – thirst-quenching lagers, “meal-in-a-glass” stouts, peppery white beers, tangy fruit-based brews, and classic ales and bitters – with this up-to-date guide to every good beer in the world.

Visit over 800 breweries and read detailed tasting notes for over 2,000 beers from a team of local specialists. Whet your appetite with tours to key beer-producing destinations. And discover the beers to try and how best to enjoy them, with brews that are anything but ‘a pint of the usual’.

The world-wide interest in good beer is on the rise, and with it comes a thirst for more knowledge on the subject. The Beer Book offers a wealth of information on all aspects of beer, from its history to popular styles to brewing techniques. This a new generation of beer guide that follows in the large footsteps of Michael Jackson's authoritative title from DK, Ultimate Beer.

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say, the rest is history, as pilsner is now the world’s dominant beer style. The traditional winemaking country of Italy has more than its fair share of brewing novices. Indeed, it is not uncommon to find American brewers touring the country’s more innovative new breweries, looking for inspiration. Teo Musso lives in a part of Italy renowned for its Barolo and Barbera wines. At his Le Baladin Brewery he produces “his raptures” using wine and whiskey yeasts. One beer, Xyauyu, is oxidized for a year

today the brewery is one of the most technologically advanced in the region. Grünbach has had a host of owners, including the famous Paulaner and Erdinger breweries. Alexander Noll is currently at the helm. WEISSE DUNKLE WEISSE ALTWEIZEN GOLD WHEAT BEER 5.4% ABV Full of soaring fruit aromas, it is an easy-drinking refresher. WHEAT BEER 5.4% ABV A dark amber, full-flavored wheat beer with some sweetness and light malt in the finish. WHEAT BEER 5.3% ABV Clear golden and finely balanced between

took over in 2001, and while they might have a more commercial agenda, La Binchoise is still worth a visit, both for the brewery tap and for the developing range of beers. This brewery is probably best known for its Jacobins (would-be lambics that use spontaneous fermentation). However, the brewery turns out a whole range of other beers, not least a traditional style oud bruin, created by former head brewer Omer Vander Ghinste. Founded in 1892, it is still family owned. One of the few breweries

some sulfur; sour and tart in mouthfeel. SPÉCIALE BELGE 5% ABV Lots of hops on the nose: cheesy aged ones, and fresh aromatic ones. Quite fruity, with a hoppy finish. WITBIER 5% ABV A fully organic Belgian white, with no excess coriander, but a fine citrussy and refreshing finish. ST LAMVINUS NOSTRADAMUS LOU PEPE FRAMBOISE FRUIT BEER 5.5% ABV Wet wood, sour fruit, sulfur, and horse blanket aromas. The fruit is very prominent, but it is difficult to distinguish the grapes that are used.

barrels ahead of many US breweries. It has won awards with a beer made using wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria from raspberries picked in somewhere near Cheyenne Canyon. While Brooklyn Brewery pays homage to New York’s rich brewing history, it is very much a 21st-century business, and occupies New York’s first commercial building to derive all of its electricity from wind power. The brewery’s bottled beers are made under contract in upstate New York. (Continues on next page) GREEN PEPPERCORN

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