Manga Mania Occult & Horror: How to Draw the Elegant and Seductive Characters of the Dark

Manga Mania Occult & Horror: How to Draw the Elegant and Seductive Characters of the Dark

Christopher Hart

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 0823014223

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From seductive vampires to corrupt samurai to wicked werewolves, all the inhabitants of the manga occult-and-horror genre welcome you into their nefarious universe. The latest book in the Manga Mania series from best-selling author Christopher Hart takes readers through the world of manga horror and occult with sinfully easy step-by-step instructions and decadently lush color illustrations. Beautiful depravity becons. Evil never looked so good.

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outlines of the characters and a smooth, consistent pencil line for the shading. (Don’t press too hard on the pencil if you use this method.) There are also computer programs available that allow you to scan your images and use only the most basic elements for shading. Using Shadows: You Don’t Need a Reason Although the shadows should fall in a logical way, you don’t always need a reason for introducing them into a scene. It’s reason enough that shadows enhance mood; they make the characters

find in any art supply store.) Do not erase until the ink is dry or your image will smudge. Hint: Sketching Draw lightly at first. You’re putting down construction lines, basic shapes, and guidelines. You’ll be erasing many of these lines later on in the process. Therefore, don’t press down too hard on your pencil. In addition, try not to make very short, choppy, feathery strokes. Comfortable, loose pencil strokes are the best. As in baseball, the key is to “swing away.” Loosen up on the

pencil. Tightening up constricts your creativity. It makes you worry too much about “getting it right.” This isn’t the part where you try to get it right. This is the part where you experiment and see what happens. Can’t do that if you’re squeezing the graphite so hard that nothing spontaneous can flow from your hand. FEMALE FRONT VIEW The gaze of a beautiful seductress should be unafraid, almost unnerving, as if you would lose your will if you looked too long into those eyes. It’s a beauty you

full moon, the light would be diffused and soft. NIGHT IN THE CITY Nice place for a little stroll. If you’re a zombie, that is. Draw the scene at a diagonal to give the scene an unsettled feeling. This is called a tilted frame look. It’s a good way of making your readers feel agitated as they go to the next scene. And that’s how they want to feel when reading an occult-and-horror book: on the edge. But you’ve got to provide the payoff in the following panel with something good. You cannot—I

this page, it’s not a neutral angle. It has a definite point of view. It tells us that we are looking down on the character in a condescending way. We are better than he is. And the character’s eye contact with us tells us that he knows that we think less of him. It’s humiliating for him, and his frown shows it. Queen of the Vampires The vampire queen is surrounded by her lavish and generous wings as if embraced by a luxurious cape. She must be enthrallingly beautiful and irresistibly

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