Hustler's Dirtiest Jokes

Hustler's Dirtiest Jokes

Larry Flynt

Language: English

Pages: 208

ISBN: 0806527323

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Book by Flynt, Larry

The President of Vice: The Autobiography of Joe Biden

Mash: A Novel About Three Army Doctors

Stand-Up Comedy: The Book
















front of mine house to dat date tree, unt den back to da chicken coop ... unt finally, back to de rock." Arrogantly, the Texan smjled and said, "Why, back in Texas, rna spread's so big, I climb into my car at daybreak and don't get out of my driveway until two o'clock." The little Jewish man looked up at the Texan and said: "I know vhat you mean-1 had a car like dat once too." 138 Q: What do you call two women in a freezer? A: Cold cunts. 1:~9 A man walked into his supervisor' office after

kinky stuff or says she has a headache. ' "Then what do you think is wrong?" exclaimed the counselor. His patient replied, ''Well, maybe I'm just being overly sensitive. But at night, when she thinks I'm sleeping, she puts her lips up close to my ear and whispers, 'Die! Die! You son of a bitch!' " 195 The H usTLE R Dictionary defines Mexican Superman as: a guy who can steal the tires off flying airplanes. 196 Finishing his prepared statemen t, the blustering politician threw his press

"That creep called me a slut." "That 's awful! " her pal exclaimed. "What did you do?" "I told him to get out of my bed," Tracy answered, "and take his ten friends with him! " HUSTLER'S DI RTl EST J 0 KES 125 2118 The HUSTLER Dictionary defines specimen as: an Italian astronaut. 2U9 A newlywed couple chose a romantic, candlelit restaurant for their very first dinner as husband and wife. As the waiter left their table, the wife inadvertently cracked a loud, smelly fart. To hide her

vomiting on my jacket." "Maybe you should give him sixty," Mrs. Himmelfarb shot back. "He shit in your pants too." 306 Q: What should you do if your girlfriend is no good at fellatio? A: Keep pounding it into her head. 307 Sister Mary and Sister Ignatius were pounced upon by a pair of rapists on their way back to the convent. "Forgive them, Father," Sister Mary wailed during the attack, "for they know not what they do." "Mine does," cooed Sister Ignatius. HUSTLER'S DIRTIEST JOKES /33 308

beach chair and was sunbathing with his little reflector when a friend of his happened to walk by. The other flea looked really beat up. The flea sunbathing looked up and said, "Hey, what happened to you? You look terrible." "Oh," said the other flea, "I had an awful trip down here. I hitched a ride in a guy's mustache, who happened to be driving a motorcycle. It was just terrible! The wind was blowing me aJI over the place!" "Well," said the flea sitting in the sun, "you did it the wrong way.

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