Giant Book of Dirty Jokes

Giant Book of Dirty Jokes

Mr. J

Language: English

Pages: 368

ISBN: 0890098123

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Giant Book of Dirty Jokes is a collection of graphic, shocking, and especially funny jokes and anecdotes.

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little while later he wandered into the fields and saw a bull and a cow going at it hot and heavy. He called to the Lord, "Lord, what's going on with that bull and cow?" And the Lord said, "They're making love, Adam." Adam said, "How come I don't have anyone to make love with?" So the Lord said, "We'll change that. When you awake tomorrow morning things will be different." So Adam lay down beneath the olive tree and fell asleep. When he awoke, there was Eve next to him. Adam jumped up, grabbed

heart and one on his sexual organ, he added, "When he's soft, he's hard. When he's hard, he's soft." 150 d ssie James and his gang attacked a.train jll!t outside Oklahoma City. They went through each car lining up the travelers and preparing to take all the loot they could handle. Jessie entered the first car and yelled, "Okay, everybody, we're going to rape all the men and rob all the women." His brother Frank turned to him and said, "J~ie, we're going to rob all the men and rape all the

stomach!" 165 A businessman returned home from the office with some startling gossip. He informed his wife that he'd heard that their neighbor in apartment 4-G had fucked every woman in the building except one. "That's right," replied the wife. "It's that stuckup Mrs. Cohen on the eighth floor I" '!I Ii 166 A~:~ "'parlormaid in the home of a famous acting family openly desired and admired by the nineteenyear-old son of the household. He schemed and schemed but could think of no way to

touch that tree over there either. Because that's where her mother stood watching while I was having my first sex." "Her mother just stood there while you were fucking her daughter?" the architect asked. "Yes," said the Greek ship owner. "But, Mr. Oristotle, what did her mother say?" "Baaaa." 34 rs. Keller had a very talented parrot. At her dinner parties he was the center of attention, for she had trained him to repeat what the butler said when he announced the guests as they arrived. The

and the pigmy with the gun. The next day, the safari went out, and now it was Garfield Goldwater himself who spotted the gorilla. This time it was a very large one. The Zulu climbed the tree and shook the branches. The Zulu and the gorilla confronted each other, and the two began to wrestle. Suddenly, the gorilla threw the man. As the Zulu came tumbling down to the ground, he screamed to the pigmy: "Shoot the dog' Shoot the dog!" 69 uza Dai Boo, an Arab merchant, was in the marketplace one day

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