Fundamentals of Yoga: A Handbook of Theory, Practice, and Application

Fundamentals of Yoga: A Handbook of Theory, Practice, and Application

Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati

Language: English

Pages: 198

ISBN: 051756422X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Introduction by Paul Brunton. Dr. Mishra brings a medical reasoning and a guru's practice to the ancient science of yoga. Concentration and meditation exercises make this an invaluable introduction to yoga. 14 black-and-white drawings.

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activities. This is the mind of success and failure. 9. It is the mind through which you perform your daily work, and is a broadcasting station. 10. It has full freedom to select the divine or the de­ monic, and it has power to accept or reject any path, idea, proposition, or suggestion at its own disposal. 1 1. The conscious mind has limitless power, hence i t performs every action. 12. The conscious mind cannot remember everything at the same time. Its past activities and experiences

experiments, you must have ideas, words, and suggestions ready in your mind and on your tongue. The wordings, sugges­ tions, and methods are important factors of Yogic con­ centration. By these and other important factors of pratyiihiira, you will be able to introduce your ideas smoothly to your subconscious mind, and after a few months' practice you will have confidence in yourself. I I • and you will achieve a complete cooperation of your subconscious mind and nature. Now you have come to

quered any hidden diseases of your legs and they are completely under your control. 3 . The third cakram all abdominal mattipurd cakram. It controls organs. Its center is in suSumna (cen­ is tral nervous system) above the lumbar region. Fix your mental power on all organs in the abdomen. Send suggestion. First control diseases by your pow­ erful suggestions. Feel magnetic current, magnetic pulsation and magnetic vibrations in the abdomen. Think that this magnetic current is removing all

has a nervous system capable only of protecting itself. It has a nerve net in which the essential elements of a simple reflex are found: that is, �ensory fibers, central cells, and motor fibers. Slightly higher animals, e.g., worms, which move but slightly more, have a central chain of ganglia; each ganglion looks after a segment, but there is co-operation among the ganglia for the protection of the whole. This is the basal function of the spinal cord and brainstem of . mammals. As the animals

exercise and meditate i n a relaxed position. aniihata niidam. priiT}iiyama ends in Raja 16. Listen attentively to 17. Hat ha Yoga yiima. Regulate Yoga priiT}ii­ your breathing in the meditative state. 18. In this state, breathing should be as slow as possi' ble. 19. In Raja Yoga priiT}ayama, inhalation, restraining, and exhalation should be perfonned mentally. 20. When OM aniihata niidam is manifested in full form, forget the body, breathing, and everything. • , • 178

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