Doctor in Love

Doctor in Love

Language: English

Pages: 192


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In this hilarious romantic comedy, Richard Gordon awakes one morning with a headache. It takes him a while to realise he is ill – after all he is a doctor! Dr Pennyworth diagnoses jaundice and prescribes a spell in hospital. But amongst the bedpans and injections on Honesty ward, Richard falls in love – with his very own Florence Nightingale. However he soon learns that he has a rival for her affections, and unwilling to lose his love to the pachyderm Dr Hinyman, Richard sets out to impress…

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disgruntled bank manager called Walters, a thin woman in a sweater who spent all her meals intently reading the Manchester Guardian, a serious-looking young man with dirty collars and furunculosis, and more old ladies. We all wished each other good morning or good evening, then sat through our meals in an atmosphere of depressed silence, as though waiting for something nasty to happen. “Sorry to see you’ve ended up here,” said Mr Walters morosely when we were left alone after supper, which had

father from the City, and after pointing out that several presents were well known to fall to pieces immediately on use, asked “Where are you going for the honeymoon?” “South of France.” “What, at this time of the year? Didn’t you know the rainfall comes in February? And it’s the worst season they’ve had for years down there, too. I met a chap today in the City who’s only just come back.” “Thank you,” I said. “On the strength of your kind advice I shall cancel the bookings, and Nikki and I

all add to the hilarity – seemingly nothing can dampen the medical high jinks of Richard Gordon’s host of entertaining characters. Doctor on the Job Heavens above! The staff of St Swithan’s hospital on strike! Sir Lancelot can hardly believe it. And when the porters and tea ladies take charge and start ordering him about, it seems that all hell will break loose – well from Sir Lancelot’s quarters at least. Fortunately not all are so badly affected. Philip Chipps for one has more pressing things

clenched and unclenched his fists. “You rotter,” he said. “That’s a fine way to speak to a colleague, I must say.” ‘I love Sally more than anything else in the world.” “Oh, do you? And so, it happens, do I.” “I intend to marry her.” “And so do I.” It was the first time I had decided on the fact, and I think the answer surprised me as much as him. He stood breathing heavily. “I’ve known her for more than two years.” “I’ve known her for less than two weeks. And I’ve made more progress.”

me all about her.” But after the fits behind the station and the gallstones in the Grand there was an acute retention down the road and a Colles’ fracture at the bus depot, so that my father didn’t arrive home until one-thirty. As the next morning I had to catch an early train, I left home without discussing my theoretical wife with anyone. The date of my return to work was fixed less by my physical condition than Sally’s impending official three nights off duty, two of which she was dutifully

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