Collecting and Care of Fine Art: An Introduction to Purchasing, Investing, Evaluating, Restoring, and More

Collecting and Care of Fine Art: An Introduction to Purchasing, Investing, Evaluating, Restoring, and More

Language: English

Pages: 192


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

For novices and experienced collectors alike, Collecting and Care of Fine Art is a thorough examination of the intricacies of the art market. Written by a professional art dealer, this book covers all phases of buying, selling, and caring for works of art, from auctions and insurance to restorations and appraisals.
Carl David’s advice to the layman is invaluable, covering such topics as the characteristics of a gallery and its proprietor that will assure forthright dealings; what deals to avoid; the criteria to be followed by the beginner about to make his first purchase; and precautions to take in the conservation of paintings, from simple cleaning to restoration techniques.
For the art collector, indispensible information is provided, including details of shipping and insuring works of art, how to gauge the competence of an appraiser, the many elements that influence art prices, the tax benefits and liabilities of art investment, and much more.
This book is a practical and wide-reaching guide that collectors and investors may turn to with confidence. In this updated edition, the author includes new and up-to-date chapters and information.

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work will be worth more than a large everyday example by the same artist. The first questions that a dealer will ask when a painting is sold concern the artist, the period, the size, and the price. Remember that sculpture may or may not be of a limited set, but paintings are usually unique. Prices reflect this. Even when an artist like Monet painted the same subject several times, as, for example, “Water Lilies,” each painting is nevertheless one of a kind. One is not a copy of another, none is

determining the fair market value, all factors bearing on value are relevant including, where pertinent, the cost, or selling price of the item, sales of comparable properties, cost of reproduction, opinion evidence and appraisals. Fair market value depends upon value in the market and not on intrinsic worth. .05 The cost or actual selling price of an item within a reasonable time before or after the valuation date may be the best evidence of its fair market value. Before such information is

the standpoint of unquestioned acceptance of their appraisals. Furthermore, the Service cannot approve valuations or appraisals prior to the actual filing of the tax return to which the appraisal pertains and cannot issue advance rulings approving or disapproving such appraisals. .02 In determining the acceptability of the claimed value of the donated property, the Service may either accept the value claimed based on information or appraisals submitted with the return or make its own

the nineteenth century. The name “Barbizon” belongs to a town near Fontainebleau. The period actually began in the 1830s when it became somewhat intriguing yet not so fashionable to paint nature and things related to it. Favored subject matter included the wooded areas and forests as well as animals, especially cows grazing or sheep in their flock. The initial inspiration came from the English painters, notably the watercolorists who resided in or made visits to the area, but another influence

assume the risk. A couple of other basics must be present as well: you must be a good credit risk, your income substantial, steady, and predictable; and the art you want to buy must be of readily recognizable quality. Banks are eager to participate only in ironclad, watertight, fail-safe deals, and they rarely enter into a financing arrangement that falls outside their conservative requirements, especially when it involves works of art, unless they are convinced of its total security. They know

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