Art Deco Tiles (Shire Library)

Art Deco Tiles (Shire Library)

Hans van Lemmen

Language: English

Pages: 64

ISBN: 0747811997

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Art Deco is arguably the twentieth century's most popular and memorable design movements. The style defined the interwar period with its clean sleek lines, streamlined shapes, bold abstract forms, and luscious colours.This book charts the impact of this daring new style on the production of tiles and architectural faience in Britain. It shows how they were made and decorated, examines the output of firms like Carter, Pilkington's and Doulton and describes the innovations introduced by creative designers like Edward Bawden and Dora Batty.With photographs of the tiles and architectural faience, individually and in situ of buildings and homes, the author examines the diverse range of animal, floral, human and abstract Art Deco designs.

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‘Sporting’ series, designed by Edward Bawden, depicting punting on the river, c. 1935. Another theme in Art Deco tiles was sporting subjects. Outdoor pursuits and leisure became increasingly important to the various classes in society in the inter-war period. Shooting, sailing and horse riding for the upper classes; hiking, swimming, golf and taking the car for a spin for the middle classes; and fishing, cycling, boating and football for the lower classes, were activities with which to fill

radiation is very low and poses no threat to human health. Creating a catalogue of your tiles is another interesting activity in tile collecting. Digital photography now makes it very easy to create an image that can be stored on your computer. Alternatively, if you have a scanner you will be able to make a colour scan of the tile. Once you have created an image give it an appropriate caption and store it in a clearly labelled folder. This will also allow you to share information with other

collectors online. The World Wide Web has also become a mine of information about tiles and with the right search words a mass of interesting material about tiles is waiting to be discovered. Relief-moulded tile made by Candy & Co. in the early 1920s, depicting a galleon in full sail. Tube-lined tile showing a girl feeding a goose. Made by Richards Tiles, c. 1925. Responsible collectors are aware of the vanishing heritage of Art Deco tiles in situ. The demand for these tiles is high and they

in 1925 under the name Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs. It ran for six months and was seen by over fifteen million people. Such international gatherings were important venues for the dissemination and exchange of new design ideas and this exhibition in particular was intended to give an overview of the best of the modern design produced by the industrialised nations of the post-war world. With the notable exceptions of Germany and the United States, many countries were represented.

what was now prominent was motifs that were more restrained and showed an underlying geometric sense of abstraction, heralding the days of Art Deco tile design of the inter-war period. Catalogue page with tiled dados by J. & W. Wade & Co,, 1917, demonstrating the waning of Art Nouveau and the introduction of more simple Art Deco designs. Art Deco tile with an abstract design tube-lined with black slip and decorated with a mottled orange eggshell glaze. Made by Pilkington’s, c. 1930. DECORATION

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