According to Yes

According to Yes

Dawn French

Language: English

Pages: 181

ISBN: 1405921552

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Dawn French, number one bestselling author of A Tiny Bit Marvellous and Oh Dear Silvia, returns with her joyously funny new novel, According To YES.

The Foreign Land of the Very Wealthy - otherwise known as Manhattan's Upper East Side - has its own rigid code of behaviour. It's a code strictly adhered to by the Wilder-Bingham family.

Emotional displays - unacceptable.

Unruly behaviour - definitely not welcome.

Fun - no thanks.

This is Glenn Wilder-Bingham's kingdom. A beautifully displayed impeccably edited fortress of restraint.

So when Rosie Kitto, an eccentric thirty-eight-year-old primary school teacher from England, bounces into their lives with a secret sorrow and a heart as big as the city, nobody realises that she hasn't read the rule book.

For the Wilder-Bingham family, whose lives begin to unravel thread by thread, the consequences are explosive. Because after a lifetime of saying no, what happens when everyone starts saying . . . yes?

'I adored According to YES. It's so different to anything I've read in forever, so charming, wise, brilliantly written. I loved it all' Marian Keyes

'There is lots of fun to be had reading this book. It's impossible not to warm to Rosie, a funny and open-hearted woman who acts as a salve and comfort blanket for this unhappy, inhibited family. There's something quite joyous about the way she unashamedly romps her way through the novel, changing the lives of those around her for the better' Express

'French can spin a yarn . . . which sets According to YES apart from the usual chick-lit template. Think the vicar of Dibley, without the dog collar. YES YES YES indeed' Independent

Further praise for Dawn French:

'A fantastic slam-dunk pageturner. Funny, enriching . . . page after page I laughed out loud' Mail on Sunday

'A hilarious snapshot of family life in the twenty-first century' Sunday Express

'Extremely funny' Sunday Times

'Dawn tackles the big ones - love, death, grief, childhood, motherhood, parenthood - head on' Guardian

'Makes you laugh on every page' The Times

'A brilliantly observed, very funny novel of family life' Woman and Home

'Funny, really enjoyable, highly recommended. A wonderful writer - witty, wise, poignant' Daily Mail

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just delish! Sandwiches It is part of Rosie’s job to give the twins a snack when she has collected them from school, and it’s only now, the first time she is doing this, that she realizes just how much the kitchen is Iva’s territory and how very sensitive to this she needs to be. As she prepares their sandwiches and milk (almond, of course, Natalie’s rule) she is aware of the under-breath Polish grumbling that is a constant accompaniment. Each plate and glass that Rosie chooses is replaced with

worries about him. So, after a couple of hours, as the light starts to fade, she opens their front door and crosses the road to where he sits, slightly dishevelled in his expensive, slept-in coat. She remains standing, ‘You should be at work.’ He says, ‘You should be with me.’ ‘Go home, Kemble’ ‘I am home. This is my home.’ ‘Go home.’ ‘Come with me?’ Kemble is pleading with his eyes. Natalie is very sad to be having this moment with him. Like this. Here. She shakes her head slowly. No. ‘Go

think we’ve been lying here?’ Red, ‘Ten minutes.’ Three, ‘No! Two minutes.’ Teddy, ‘Thirty minutes.’ Rosie, ‘I have no idea. How great is that?! We have been lovely and still, and time has just ticked by … can you feel your heartbeat? Mine has slowed down, I think.’ Red, ‘I can’t feel mine.’ Three, ‘You’re dead dude.’ Red, ‘I’m like totally dead.’ Rosie, ‘You’re not dead, you’re just peaceful and resting. It’s really OK to slow down sometimes. That’s when you can hear the other noises in

all the other bees who pay close attention to her every need, which in Glenn’s case means leaving her be for the most part. They all know on some level that it’s the joining-in she finds irksome, so they happily, willingly, relieve her of that burden. This means Glenn spends a good part of the day at her writing desk, penning thank-yous and invites and writing donation cheques for the many deserving charities and projects she is involved with. Sometimes she wonders if all this worthy effort will

whale. And she doesn’t mind one bit, in fact she is playing it to the hilt, sitting in the corner of the kitchen, loudly directing operations from a large comfy chair on this bright winter morning. She is barking jokey orders at the twins, ‘Get me waffles! Now! With blueberries! And peel the blueberries! Individually! Spit Spot!’ The boys are running about, answering to her every whim, her crazed slaves. Kemble, Thomas and Teddy join in the fun and add their raised voices to the orders,

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