What the Amish Can Teach Us About the Simple Life: Homespun Hints for Family Gatherings, Spending Less, and Sharing Your Bounty

What the Amish Can Teach Us About the Simple Life: Homespun Hints for Family Gatherings, Spending Less, and Sharing Your Bounty

Georgia Varozza

Language: English

Pages: 108

ISBN: 2:00145447

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Emphasizing Amish values of faith, simplicity, and self-sufficiency, author Georgia Varozza (Homestyle Amish Kitchen Cookbook) offers fresh ideas to make faith, serenity, and healthy living a stronger presence in everyday life. Drawing on her family's Plain roots, she provides innovative suggestions and easy-to-follow instructions to help readers
<UL>* create a home atmosphere that promotes faith and family
* simplify their lives by controlling technology
* enjoy the satisfaction of successful do-it-yourself projects
* discover the benefits of growing and raising their own food
* generate less waste by repurposing, reusing, and recycling
Practical and hands-on, this book is a great resource for people who want to make a few simple changes or fully embrace a more wholesome lifestyle.

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newspaper to clean and polish windows works best for a streak-free finish, but I personally dislike the way newspaper sounds when rubbing (it reminds me of fingers on a chalkboard), so I use paper towels or an old, clean diaper instead. • Eliminate mineral deposits. Fill the reservoir of your automatic drip coffeemaker with vinegar. Let it sit for a half hour or so before you turn it on and let the vinegar run through the drip cycle. Repeat the drip cycle twice more using only water to

needed for the winter months, planting or weeding the garden, or cooking and baking for the family. Older brothers and sisters include their younger siblings in work and play, teaching by doing. Mom and Dad are quick to show their children how to perform small jobs, and children soon learn that their help is appreciated. They are loved and needed members of the family. The Amish understand that good attitudes and good habits start at a tender age. As children grow, they are given increasingly

machine, windmills or solar panels to move water throughout the farm and provide light for their homes, and pneumatic (compressed air) tools in their businesses. In fact, many people are turning to the Amish to gain insights into their energy independence because they are proof that people can live comfortable lives without connecting to outside power lines. When it comes to social media, such as televisions, radios, and computers, the Amish are much more wary and generally shun all of them.

or bird feeders and put them in the yard. • Write letters to grandparents or loved ones. • Write letters of appreciation to your pastor. • Make a family flowerpot. Each person gets to choose one annual flowering plant to put in a large pot. Place the pot near the door so every time family members enter or exit the house they see the bright flowers and are reminded that family belongs together. This is great to do around Mother’s Day. • Stargaze. • Enjoy a family campout. Spend the night

sense of community. Their dialect is for insiders only, although the Amish would never characterize it as such. WHAT THE AMISH CAN TEACH US The Amish are fortunate in that their community overlaps. They attend church with the same people they go to school with and work with, for the most part. This enables them to develop deep, meaningful relationships with the people around them. Further, the Amish are visibly set apart because of their distinctive dress, so they can easily tell if a stranger

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