Welcome to Just a Minute!: A Celebration of Britain’s Best-Loved Radio Comedy

Welcome to Just a Minute!: A Celebration of Britain’s Best-Loved Radio Comedy

Nicholas Parsons

Language: English

Pages: 464

ISBN: 1782112499

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In this first ever official companion, Nicholas Parsons tells the fascinating story of the much-loved panel game. Over the decades, the greats of British comedy have entertained listeners with performances that have come to define our comic heritage—from Kenneth Williams' outrageously funny "battles" with Sheila Hancock, Clement Freud's acerbic wit, and Derek Nimmo's tall tales to Paul Merton's imaginative flights of fancy, Julian Clary's flagrant innuendos, and Pam Ayres' poetic humor. Welcome to Just a Minute! is an entertaining journey through British comedy history and a master class in comic timing, verbal dexterity, and sharp one-liners.

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Belfast, Edinburgh, Bath, Loughborough, Blenheim Palace and Glasgow 1999: Sheffield, Brighton, Edinburgh, Guernsey, Birmingham (TV), Glasgow, Oxford and York 2000: Newcastle, Norwich, Chester, Dartmouth, Nottingham, Dorking, High Wycombe and Edinburgh 2001: Buxton, King’s Lynn, Southampton, Brighton, Leeds, Cardiff and Edinburgh 2002: Winchester, Hastings, Harrogate, Southsea, Fowey, Bradford, Canterbury and Edinburgh 2003: Canterbury, Bristol, Beverley, Snape, Edinburgh, Westcliff, Malvern

Richard Herring make up the panel. Paul takes the opening subject of ‘Hot Cross Buns’, and a favourite theme soon emerges from the surreal direction in which Paul has taken the topic. Paul: The hot cross bun was first invented by Florence Nightingale on a visit to Sweden in 1862. She was appearing as a support act for Nicholas Parsons’ one-man show! [BIG LAUGH] Sheila has the following subject, ‘How to Win an Argument with a Teenager’, and she delivers a measured and marvellous performance over

hero. Kenneth: It’s a joke, isn’t it! A joke! People like me, a great cult sitting here … Sheila: And you’ve come all the way from Great Portland Street! [BIG LAUGH] Kenneth: I know! You’re right! You might well ask! It’s an insult I’ll have to swallow! Nicholas: Because he might have … er … been having … er … Kenneth: ‘Er er er!’ Hark at him! ‘Er er er!’ Can’t get it out of him! Terrible diction! Terrible diction! Nicholas: A flight of space fantasy I was trying to conjure out of my rather

hesitation). Derek had been speaking for 50 seconds on the subject of ‘Openers’. Stanley: Er … well … a poker bid is the first opener, you’ve got to fido and triddly out the trumps and call form. And there’s deep joy, dig in the pocket. Ah, folly! [WHISTLE AND APPLAUSE] In the fourth round Stanley is given the subject of ‘Engines’, on which he seems to be an expert, although his enthusiasm for diesel proves fatal when Peter successfully challenges for repetition. The laughter of the audience is

order for Richard to continue. Naturally, Wendy agrees and Richard takes up the subject again, treating all present to a wonderful glimpse of his past. Richard: At Much-Binding-in-the-Marsh! We really were a very happy station! At Much-Binding-in-the-Marsh, You’ll always find us doing something useful! We’re very fond of sausages, We often study Greek. Experiments in science keep us busy every day! And when we’ve time to spare, We often make up rhymes like this, At

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