Web Sites That Work

Web Sites That Work

Jon Smith

Language: English

Pages: 257


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Leading web site entrepreneur Jon Smith has condensed the secrets of his success into 52 inspiring ideas that even the most hopeless technophobe can implement. The brilliant tips and practical advice in Web sites that work will uplift and transform any website, from the simplest to the most complicated. It deals with everything from fundamentals such as how to assess the effectiveness of a website and how to get a site listed on the most popular search engines to more sophisticated challenges like creating a community and dealing with legal requirements. Straight-talking, practical and humorous, this is the ideal book to get you started on a web site revamp. No experience necessary!

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hand, consider implementing the changes in favour of menus – it will make your site slicker, more logical and more userfriendly. A dropdown is effective when a product is available in different sizes or when you want to limit customers ordering multiple units. In the case of clothing sizes, the dropdown menu will be limited by the sizes you stock, and a good way to control customers from buying too many units of a specific promotion is to only offer a dropdown of numbers (say 1,2,3) rather than

words so that the list is more aesthetically pleasing. Web Site text pages a-w 2b 16/10/07 14:48 Page 97 Idea 21 – Drop it, now! DIVIDE AND CONQUER If your menu ends up too long and becomes unwieldy – sub-divide. There is no point having users scrolling down long lists looking for something specific. Offer categories first and then give the option of a dropdown menu as a last resort. A good way to minimise the need for dropdowns is to improve the search facility on your web site. To find

completely wacky to your user – so be transparent and show that your site does indeed have limitations (in terms of the finite number of categories or areas available). Many webmasters argue that including a site map allows users to bypass their well thought out navigation paths, and therefore users aren’t subjected to the full, allpowerful ‘magic’ of the site. Absolute rubbish. If your visitor can’t find, in a very limited amount of time, what it is they want, then they’re going to up sticks and

web site is a book in itself. What is vitally important is to ensure that, however you decide to drive traffic to your site, when 5 Web Site text pages a-w 2b 16/10/07 14:48 Page 6 52 Brilliant Ideas – Web sites that work Here’s an idea for you... Defining idea... 6 Think of your favourite drink – alcoholic or otherwise. If you were designing a micro-site for the producer, what messages would you want to convey. How would you promote that product and why? With the results, formulate a

one product from you, encourage them to order more. You must entice them with either a reduction on the price of the second item or a saving on the overall postage. Group related products together on the web site and refer users to other products that may interest them. Q We have mimicked all of our leading competitors’ features; we feel we offer just as good a service. What can we do to make customers come to our site? A You have to offer something different to the consumer. If you are

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