Watercolor Unleashed: New Directions for Traditional Painting Techniques

Watercolor Unleashed: New Directions for Traditional Painting Techniques

Julie Gilbert Pollard

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 1440320888

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Discover fresh, forgiving techniques that promise less frustration and juicier results!

Julie Gilbert Pollard subscribes to the "whatever works" school of painting. Not bound by tradition, she shows you how to unleash your watercolors for exciting and expressive results...and have lots of fun doing it! See how a few simple steps at the beginning can preserve the lights, lock in the darks, and allow you greater freedom to let your watercolor do what it does best: move and flow wet-into-wet, creating luminous layers of depth and vitality.

Inside you'll find:

  • 9 step-by-step painting demonstrations, plus many more quick lessons illustrating basic techniques.
  • How to paint water, rocks, trees and other landscape elements in a lively manner.
  • Easy techniques for making your paintings pop, including tips for successful spattering.
  • How to combine a representational painting style with abstract acrylic underpaintings for unique and lively results.

This book is all about painting boldly, embracing the medium's unpredictable nature, and achieving a loose, painterly quality. It's ideal for the beginner trying to get off on the right foot, as well as the intermediate artist looking for ways to "freshen up" their approach.

Frida Kahlo

The Artist [UK] (July 2016)

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subject, one in your normal style and the other as an abstract preliminary study, will help you become more relaxed and confident. This practice will also allow you to explore techniques that will liberate your mind and your hand from compulsively tight brushwork. WILD WATER! Mixed media on paper 14” × 8 1⁄2” (36cm × 22cm) Bring Your Subject to Life With Abstract Studies Through this study, I was able to capture the essence of the scene and focus less on the details. Abstract painting is

rather than allowing it to remain an exploratory study can often cause you to tighten up and the painting to become contrived and stiff. Letting go of that tenuous and illusive willingness-to-make-a-mess attitude is often the kiss of death for a painting. There is a psychological barrier to carefree painting that can ruin a painting’s expressive personality the minute the painting begins to become precious to you. The antidote: practice, practice and practice again a joyfully unconcerned

Trash bags • Watercolor palette (the same kind as the studio palette) • White facial tissues and baby wipes for quick cleanup In addition to your painting supplies, here are some additional items to consider: • Drinking water • Insect repellent • Hat • Jacket • Snacks • Sunscreen Additional Supplies Drawing paper is a must for initial sketches and value studies. Masking fluid is often helpful for saving the whites or other important light areas in your painting. Use spray bottles for

severely limited palette of three primary colors and examine the color possibilities. Primary Colors Yellow, red and blue are the primary colors from which all other colors are derived. While you can mix the primary colors to get other colors, you can’t mix other colors to create a primary color. Mix Primary Colors for Secondary and Tertiary Colors Orange, violet and green are secondary colors that result from mixing two primary colors. Tertiary colors are made from a secondary color

This painting shows a repetition of similar objects, namely rocks and boulders, with size and shape varied considerably. There are some good examples of overlap shown here. Fortunately the value contrast is very low on the two shapes “kissing;” therefore, this tangent isn’t too terribly distracting. Learn the Rules Before You Break Them You might wonder if you can break the rules of good composition. You know the old saying: Rules are made to be broken. I do it myself frequently—usually

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