Viscount Down

Viscount Down

Keith Nell

Language: English

Pages: 319


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The complete story of the Rhodesian Viscount disasters as told by a SAS operator.

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necessarily mean that this was the Viscount Gang, the significance was that after the burial of the troublesome mujibah and the elimination of three link men, the locals were no longer hesitant to keep the auxiliaries informed of Zipra movements and it was only a matter of time before someone would compromise their presence. Deprived of information of where to find safe refuge from the locals and with Toro's sections stretched out across their route, the Zipra group made the mistake of moving in

had collected empty shell casings, they would have been handed to the SB guys either at the scene or back at Karoi and they would have forwarded them for comparisons etc. (Bear in mind that things were happening thick and fast in the area and one did not have time to specifically follow the progress of any single report.) The gook packs would have been recovered to Karoi for examination. The A/S SB guys would have looked after the interrogation of locals around the contact area and the

Tomorrow will do." Martin was thankful; his mental and physical endurance levels expended. Extreme fatigue had taken over and he felt disinclined to talk anymore. In addition, he wanted to think first about two issues he had not yet mentioned to the Special Branch officer. The first was about the strange looking metal tube he had once seen terrorists carry near his home and the other was about Moyo, the police linkman who sided with the terrorists. It made sense to think first before disclosing

forward and eight hobbled out from the gathering crowd to display their injuries. All had bullet wounds in the legs and buttocks, but luckily they were all flesh wounds that didn't look serious. Despite probably being the worst medic in the entire SAS, I examined the bullet holes for broken bones with the professional bedside manner of a doctor. Fortunately there were only flesh wounds and I assured them that their injuries would heal rapidly. Some of the men still displayed their hostility and

and that you will let me know. Another problem is that rain is forecasted for tonight and the clouds are already heavy and dark. You can be sure it's going to rain. We will try our best but cannot promise anything." Happy stood up to speak. "It is vital that this operation goes smoothly. The villagers will all be watching developments to see if they can trust us with information they provide. If you succeed this time, they will have the confidence to provide more information. If you fail, you

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