Under the Influence: The Unauthorized Story of the Anheuser-Busch Dynasty

Under the Influence: The Unauthorized Story of the Anheuser-Busch Dynasty

Peter Hernon

Language: English

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ISBN: 0380718472

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A racy, unauthorized expose+a7 uncovers the opportunism, unbridled power, family conflict, sex scandals, and violent death hidden behind the red, white, and blue logo of the Anheuser-Busch family dynasty. Reprint.

Under the Influence: The Unauthorized Story of the Anheuser-Busch Dynasty (Updated Edition)

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Association and the American Automobile Association Foundation for Traffic Safety claimed that between the ages of two and eighteen, the average child was exposed to as many as 100,000 television beer commercials. "By the time kids start kindergarten, they've already watched 2000 hours of beer and wine commercials. They see look-alike athletes, look-alike rock-stars and look-alike actors. Incrementally, they become comfortable with drinking." A former Anheuser-Busch executive put it this way:

asked me to step outside with him. So we went outside, and we started fighting. I had him on the ground, and I thought we were going to end it right there." The spectators started shouting, "Bite him! Bite him!" With his arms pinned behind his back, Billy's nineteen-year-old opponent gave it a try. A mistake. "I bit him back," Billy said. "And his ear came off." Only the lower lobe was left. The upper half of the ear came cleanly off in Billy's teeth. Later, a judge involved in another of

he has done so recently, or is a substance abuser. He is the beneficiary of a family trust to which he resorts when he needs money. He has a current flame whom he visits regularly and sometimes brings to Grant's Farm. His counsel have stipulated to his ability to pay whatever expenses may be charged against him, possibly to avoid further inquiry into his resources…. I doubt that he will allow his daughter to stand in the way of his pursuit of transient pleasures." In a final shot, Blackmar

later recounted, "Mrs. Busch was taken into a room accompanied by the marshal's wife and there subjected to an examination of her person, this examination being conducted by a man doctor, who laid the old lady on a bed and examined her private parts, making a very thorough examination of her vagina and womb." Lilly's traveling companion and Swiss maid received the same treatment. After forty hours of detention, Lilly was finally released and the Busches departed immediately for St. Louis. She

to Kansas City. Three days after the kidnapping he was tracked down by Harry Brundidge, a reporter for The St. Louis Star. It was Brundidge's biggest scoop and his newspaper played it to the hilt. Abernathy, who was twenty-eight years old, readily agreed to surrender, but not before he was encouraged to tell his story in detail. He had seven children; his real estate business had gone bad and he was broke; he couldn't feed his family; he only meant to commit robbery, not kidnap anyone. The

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