Uhuru Street

Uhuru Street

M.G. Vassanji

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ISBN: 0771087179

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Book by M.G. Vassanji

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also corrupt, dealt out a future prospect for him that came as a shock. He had applied to study medicine, he was given a place in agriculture. An agricultural officer in a rural district somewhere was not what he wanted to become however patriotic he felt. He had never left the city except to go to the national parks once on a school trip. When Aloo received a letter from the California Institute of Technology offering him a place with a scholarship, he was stupefied at first. He read and reread

I spent, keeping a lookout for her up and down Independence Avenue, entering Benson’s on impulse and coming out pretending to have forgotten something, a ridiculous figure altogether. There was no way of contacting her; you needed an excuse for that. I could not think of any that would not have seemed a direct proposition. But she could, and she did. I stand on our balcony looking down on the street. It’s five-thirty in the evening or thereabouts. There’s not a moving car on the road but some

sign of life. When finally he sat back from the darkness, it took moments to adjust to the brightness inside. There was nothing of interest in the compartment, just the rows of seats and people. Stops were few and far between on this train, passengers who entered and sat down were as quiet as those who got up and left. At one point a big man in a blue suit sat down heavily beside him, barely suppressing a grunt, glanced at him with a look of surprise and turned away to the aisle. Later the man

bread M.G. Vassanji was born in Kenya and raised in Tanzania. Before coming to Canada in 1978, he attended M.I.T., and later was writer-in-residence at the University of Iowa in their prestigious International Writing Program. Vassanji’s fiction to date comprises five novels and a book of short stories: The Gunny Sack (1989), which won a Regional Commonwealth Writers Prize; No New Land (1991); Uhuru Street (short stories, 1992); The Book of Secrets (1994), a national bestseller and the

something, let me know.’ Mother looked at her from behind the counter and the rest of us continued to stare at her. ‘I do all the modern styles,’ Alzira told her, with a glance at my sisters. ‘Look …’ She had two pattern books under the material and Mother’s interest was caught. She took the books and flipped a few pages expertly until her eyes fell on a design. ‘Look,’ she said to my sisters, ‘the pina. Just like the one that European girl was wearing.’ Any European woman who chanced by on

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