The Zentangle Untangled Workbook: A Tangle-a-Day to Draw Your Stress Away

The Zentangle Untangled Workbook: A Tangle-a-Day to Draw Your Stress Away

Kass Hall

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 144032946X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"Life is short, certainly too short to be concerned too much with rules about drawing." --Kass Hall

In Zentangle Untangled, Kass Hall introduced you to the relaxing, innovative art of Zentangle. Now in The Zentangle Untangled Workbook, you'll get enough Zentangle instruction and inspiration to last all year long.

Filled with dozens of new tiles and four never-before seen tangles designed especially for this book, you'll be using Zentangle in ways you never dreamed. Create shapes, letterforms, borders, even Zendalas as you master each new tangle, all while reducing stress through the intentional act of creating repetitive patterns. Perfect for artists of all levels, this workbook will immerse you in a daily meditation of Zentangle.

Insides you'll find:

  • Seven step-by-step demonstrations to help you get started.
  • Inspiration and guidance on how to use those tangles to create unique and beautiful tiles throughout the year.
  • More than 400 blank or partially started tiles so you can practice all year inside this book and without the fear of the blank page.

It's time to tangle!

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or incredibly complex. When considering Starfish as a border, there didn’t seem to be a logical way to make the Starfish shape while maintaining the true sense of a border. It occurred to me that the way forward was to use the shape of the star point, as I’ve done in both examples. The first example has inward points, and I deliberately used bigger corner points to show that not all points have to be even. In the second example, the points are all roughly the same size but have a variety of

you choose to do it. Use these tiles to practice Tiramissoo and the many variations you can create. Downloadable worksheet available at WEEK 45: Tiramissoo Shading The beauty of Tiramissoo, especially in regard to shading, is that there are so many shading options in addition to or instead of using pen to create blocks of black. I’ve demonstrated two options here, but the possibilities are truly endless. The first example is

Kristy Conlin and Tonia Jenny at F+W Media for their support and encouragement at every juncture. My love and gratitude to my family and friends for their enthusiasm and support. Through good times and bad, I know you have my back. And especially to Michael: my foundation and my reason for all I do. I love you millions. Thank you for being the man I dreamed of being loved by. And to Elvis and Sunny, our pug children. Mummy loves you more than anything. Dedication For my Kindred Spirits, near

letter (as shown in the “J” example). It just works, don’t you think? Tangles: Blossom, Munchin One of the things I like about “J” is that using Munchin with Blossom really shows how an organic tangle can work well with a more abstract one. Time to get your floral on, tanglers. Use these letterforms as a way to practice Blossom. Create a beautiful, original page of (flower) power! Downloadable worksheet available at WEEK 14:

completely OK with that. Hopefully you are, too. In this example, I stripped the tangle right back to its essential elements—the lines. I put small circles in the corners of the tile and created small squares at the midway points to emulate the crossover you’d normally have. You don’t have to do it this way, but it’s something to consider. How many different borders can you design using Stixnstonez as your starting point? Practice and try some new ideas here. Downloadable worksheet available

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