The North Dakota Joke Book

The North Dakota Joke Book

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ISBN: 0806510412

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Book by Dalton, Mike

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California. a North Dakotan is buried the eath rejects the body. What is an ice cube in a shoe box? A North Dakotan refrigerator. Here is a sure way to make a lot of money. Buy all the Cheerios in Montana. Take them to North Dakota and sell them as donut seeds. The North Dakotan cut the hole in his carpet so he could see the floor show. There was a North Dakotan from Grand Forks who didn’t go to the christening of his nephew because he didn’t want to see a baby get hit over the head

put things.” 117 WARNING: When calling a North Dakotan on the phone, always whistle loudly in the phone and yell “OTHER END," so the North Dakotan knows which end of the phone to talk into. What do they call a good looking girl in North Dakota? Tourist. There were two parachutists, one from Montana and one from North Dakota. They were making their first jumps. The North Dakotan jumped first, counted to ten. pulled the ripcord and his chute opened. The Montanan then jumped, counted to ten,

horn. I won't be riding in any heavy traffic." Why can’t North Dakotans raise chickens? They plant them too deep. s 18 Did you hear about the North Dakotan Evel Kneivel? He tried to jump fourteen motorcycles with a Mack truck. Two North Dakotans were walking to Seattle from Minot on the railroad tracks. They got to Shelby and one North Dakotan said to the other, “Boy, I’ll sure be glad when we get to the bottom of these stairs.” The other North Dakotan said, “Yah, me too. I’m tired of these

“Everytime I stopped at a gas station there was a sign that said ‘clean rest­ rooms.* So I did.” Did you hear about the North Dakotan hijacker who hijacked a submarine, demanded $500,000 and a para­ chute? You know you’re in North Dakota when Colonel Sanders has a Norwegian accent. 63 Two North Dakotans were out fishing in a boat and enjoying good success. As they prepared to return to shore they agreed that one of them should mark the spot so they could return to the same location the next

it.” 82 “Did you see the eclipse last night?” asked the teacher. “No,” said the North Dakotan student. “It was so dark Tcouldn’t see anything.” Question on history test: Where was Joan of Arc burned? North Dakotan's answer: “All over her body.” Then there’s the story of the North Dakotan bank robber who strode into the bank, slammed down a $20 bill and demanded, ‘‘Give me all your brown paper bags!” The North Dakotan farmer was lifting his hogs, one by one, up into his apple trees to graze

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