The Little Green Book of Absinthe: An Essential Companion with Lore, Trivia, and Classic and Contemporary Cocktails

The Little Green Book of Absinthe: An Essential Companion with Lore, Trivia, and Classic and Contemporary Cocktails

Paul Owens

Language: English

Pages: 176

ISBN: 0399535632

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

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A celebration of "the green goddess"-this is the first book to share absinthe recipes since it was recently legalized in the U.S.

This enticing little volume presents a collection of more than 100 absinthe cocktail recipes that draw upon the classic roots of the drink as well as its new iterations. Readers will be entertained with nuggets of absinthe history and trivia, including the tradition of the green fairy, famous devotees of the drink, and the myths (or facts) of its hallucinatory properties.

Readers will learn that:
•America's most famous early cocktail, the sazerac, was a New Orleans creation that called for a dash of absinthe

•When the absinthe backlash started in the 1890s, Edgar Degas' masterpiece L'Absinthe was booed off the auction block at Christie's in London

•An experienced absintheur can identify a brand from across the room just by watching how it louches-the way the herbs' oils cloud the drink as the bartender adds water

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cocktail glass. Garnish with a lime wheel. Also works—and arguably looks better—as a frozen drink. La Fée Verte The third member of the original triumvirate, La Fee Verte twists the Gargoyle’s formula yet again. Lime juice makes it more acidic than the Gargoyle or Van Gogh. 2 OUNCES LE TOURMENT VERT ABSINTHE 1½ OUNCES ORANGE JUICE ½ OUNCE ROSE’S SWEETENED LIME JUICE 1 LIME WEDGE Shake well and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Squeeze lime wedge and add to glass. Garnish with

chalice filled to the top with crushed ice. (The chalice will stay cold longer than a bar glass; alternatively, you can keep the glasses frozen before serving.) With a bar spoon, stir this mixture until well integrated and very cold. Top off with more crushed ice. Garnish with a second sprig of mint and lightly dust with powdered sugar. PAUL NATHAN GETS BUSTED Who hasn’t adopted a “better to ask forgiveness than permission” attitude toward nonsensical laws from time to time, especially when the

span of years, I got the chance to sample hundreds of absinthes in Spain, England, Germany, and elsewhere. Naturally, I didn’t go on enough benders to finish all those bottles myself, and a few found their way back home with me. More than a few. The more I tasted, the more enthusiastic I grew, and I couldn’t resist evangelizing a little. Even then, an inexpensive bottle fetched a handsome price, and what if you splurged on an Internet order only to have Customs seize your stuff or discover after

exceptionally high alcohol content (50 to 80 percent) isn’t gratuitous. It keeps those oils in suspension. The higher the alcohol content, the more oils the absinthe can hold, and the more flavor you release by diluting it. Some of the most complex absinthes tend to have more alcohol, though a high alcohol content alone is not a reliable indicator of fine absinthe. The other secret of the louche is that different plant oils fall out of suspension at different concentrations so that, as you add

Paul, 1963- 11. Herlong, Dave. III. Title. TX951-0975 2010 641.8’74—dc22 2009038235 The recipes contained in this book are to be followed exactly as written. The publisher is not responsible for your specific health or allergy needs that may require medical supervision. The publisher is not responsible for any adverse reactions to the recipes contained in this book. Most Perigee books are available at special quantity discounts for bulk purchases for sales promotions, premiums,

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