The Get Healthy, Go Vegan Cookbook: 125 Easy and Delicious Recipes to Jump-Start Weight Loss and Help You Feel Great

The Get Healthy, Go Vegan Cookbook: 125 Easy and Delicious Recipes to Jump-Start Weight Loss and Help You Feel Great

Neal D. Barnard, Robyn Webb

Language: English

Pages: 204

ISBN: 2:00128367

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In Dr. Neal Barnard’s Get Healthy, Go Vegan Cookbook, the country’s leading diabetes team weighs in on America’s hottest dietary trend. The cookbook is based on a landmark two-year study conducted by Dr. Barnard, which showed that a vegan diet more effectively controls type 2 diabetes. In fact, it‘s also beneficial for weight loss, the reversal of heart disease, and the improvement of many other conditions. Dr. Barnard and nutritionist Robyn Webb now offer easy, delicious meals to improve your health.
Featuring 125 flavorful recipes, readers will find all-occasion dishes that use familiar ingredients and require minimal effort. All recipes are free of animal products, low in fat, and contain a low-to-moderate glycemic index.

Barnard and Webb explain how diet changes can have such dramatic health effects and provide simple ways to get started. With convenient menus, scientifically proven advice, and inspiring stories from real people who have used Barnard’s recommendations to turn their health around, there’s no better cookbook to help you eat well and feel great.

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milk sugar lactose—is very common and totally normal. Soy milk, rice milk, and other non-dairy products will come to your rescue. You may also want to favor rice. Rice dishes are very well tolerated, even by sensitive stomachs. If you have irritable bowel syndrome or inflammatory bowel disease, it is likely to be easier to digest than wheat, rye, or oats. So you might try our Ginger Tofu (page 145), our Caramelized Onions with Lentils and Brown Rice (page 114), our Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

to another boil. Lower heat, cover, and simmer for about 45 minutes. During the last 5 minutes of cooking time, add onion, carrot, basil, and oregano. 2. In a bowl, combine cooked rice, tomatoes, parsley, chives, salt, and black pepper. Set aside. Preheat the oven broiler. 3. Remove the gills from the undersides of the mushrooms using a spoon; discard gills. Place the mushrooms, gill-side down, on a foil-lined broiler tray that has been coated with cooking spray. Broil mushrooms for about 5

creating a sensationally sweet flavor without added sugars. Boiling balsamic vinegar and reducing it by half transforms it into a smooth flavorful syrup. Made with simple ingredients, this dessert is a spectacular finish to any meal. 4 ripe peaches, halved and pitted Butter-flavor vegetable oil cooking spray ½ cup good quality balsamic vinegar 1 tablespoon brown sugar 1 tablespoon lemon juice 1 teaspoon almond extract Fresh mint sprigs 1. Heat a gas grill to medium-high. Coat peach

OVEN TEMPERATURE EQUIVALENTS, FAHRENHEIT (F) AND CELSIUS (C) 100°F = 38°C 200°F = 95°C 250°F = 120°C 300°F = 150°C 350°F = 180°C 400°F = 205°C 450°F = 230° C LINEAR MEASUREMENTS ½ in = 1.5 cm 1 inch = 2 .5 cm 6 inches = 15 cm 8 inches = 20 cm 10 inches = 25 cm 12 inches = 30 cm 20 inches = 50 cm VOLUME (LIQUID) MEASUREMENTS 1 teaspoon = ⅙ fluid ounce = 5 milliliters 1 tablespoon = ½ fluid ounce = 15 milliliters 2 tablespoons = 1 fluid ounce = 30 milliliters ¼ cup = 2

problems dinner Ancho Chili Asian Broth with Mushrooms, Tofu, and Ginger Asian Grilled Tofu Steaks Asparagus and Tofu Stir-Fry Baked Great Northern Beans with Chilies Black Beans and Rice Black-Eyed Pea and Brown Rice Pilaf with Browned Onions Brown Rice, Chickpea, and Vegetable Soup Cajun Corn and Edamame Sauté Caramelized Onions with Lentils and Brown Rice Cassoulet Curried Tempeh Kabobs Fettuccini with Roasted Peppers and Zucchini Garlicky Pinto Bean and Pasta Bake Ginger Tofu

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