The Flight of the Phoenix

The Flight of the Phoenix

Elleston Trevor

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 0060762225

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

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They are twelve men who shouldn't be alive. They have survived the sudden blinding sandstorm that crippled their air freighter. Survived a desperate crash landing in the Sahara of Central Libya. Survived to face the slow, dry, agonizing death of the desert. Twelve men with one hope: to build a new plane from the wreckage of their Skytruck and make a flight out of hell.

Only one man could build such a plane: Stringer, the brilliant and obsessed engineer. Only one man could fly it: Towns, the arrogant and tormented pilot. Both had been aboard the Skytruck, but both are mortal enemies whose consuming hatred for each other is a danger greater than the desert itself.

[This All-Time Classic Thriller was twice made into a major motion picture in 1965 & in 2004]

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Cobb, who had not spoken a word since yesterday. Moran told them: “I’ve spent a bit of time on this. It’s not accurate but it’s not far out. When I give exact figures you can take it there’s a margin of error of ten or at most twenty percent.” He gazed across the flat waste of sand where they had worked six hours yesterday digging out an immense SOS. In the night a small wind had softly obliterated it. “I put our position at 27 degrees North by 19 degrees East. We’re in the middle of a circle of

when he’d tried to walk to the horizon, and it had taken Loomis an hour to talk him out of a mood of smoldering anger. He’d been angry that they didn’t believe the lights were real. All this morning he’d said no word to anyone. 44 THE FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX “If you still mean to try marching,” Moran was saying to Harris, “you should consider a few other things. This wreck and this chute are the only patch of shade in an area of some fifty thousand square miles of sand, so you’ll need your cap.

here; he had lain loathing Crow for his selfishness, thinking back through all the years he had known him, to remember every mean act of Crow’s that he could call to mind, reveling in his grudge until it bored him and he felt rid of it. Crow was Crow, take him or leave him. There were worse vices than loving animals. His legs were cramped again and he moved them, hearing the dry crackle of the frost; and it 82 THE FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX was a minute or two before he realized his luck.

that, it wasn’t an accident, son—” but we should’ve warned you first, Christ, we should’ve warned you. “I am all right. Yes.” The words came out on a hissing breath of pain, the bright eyes flickering. Crow talked to him, and the others kept back, and Loomis dropped through the doorway and leaned with his back flat against the hull and his eyes to the stars, his long body shaking in selfdisgust: because it had been obvious that when the boom parted from the hull, the hull would shear away and

do that on purpose? Probably. Because Stringer had won the night. The sun came up; they felt its warmth; soon they would feel its heat. The night had been for nothing. The ocean of sand was bloodied by the sun; the raw rump of the dunes lay humped against the sky; and Bellamy saw the three helicopters pass across the east horizon, flying in line, making no sound, passing across the sun’s disk, three red shapes reflected in the water mirage that was always there at dawn. “Albert,” he said softly,

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