The First Church on the Moon

The First Church on the Moon

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Pages: 226


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Alcohol and life on the moon do not mix.

It is the morning after the night before, and a number of problems face the staff of the Steve Moore Moonbase. The first lunar wedding was not a success. A visiting Bishop has a ridiculous obsession about how some "Americans" supposedly landed on the moon on 1969 CE. A phenomenal amount of energy is being used to broadcast an insult at the entire populations of Asia, Europe and Africa. And everyone on the Moon is going to die.

It is not, on the face of it, the best day for handling an unprecedented evolution in metaphysics.

But lunar hangovers are no different to their earth equivalents: no matter how bad things seem, you can always get through them. And everyone is welcome at the first church on the moon.

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spoke. “I still think it was Dawkins.” “Why do you say that?” “Stands to reason.” Jennifer looked down at the bible in her hand. “Maybe. That’s the problem with having such incomplete records. We don’t really know what happened before we were born.” She paused. “The chances that I’m right about this, and that the thing we’re going looking for actually exists, have to be very small, you know? We probably are wasting our last few days to indulge my curiosity.” She went silent. “I don’t mind,”

land. We could reprogram the lights on the Turtles to vaporise any approaching ships or missiles.” Dennis was appalled. “We’ll do no such thing!” “It’s just a suggestion.” “I don’t know how you could even think about such a thing! We have to look after humans. We’re programmed to be nice to them, not blast them out of the sky.” Julie paused. This was news to him. “Are we?” “Of course we are! It’s one of our higher level directives.” “It’s the first I’ve heard about it.” Dennis rifled

recognised how bleak the bigger picture was, he was relieved about the lack of discussion about Marcus, the Bishop or the current status of the lifeboat. “I think we need to take seriously the possibility that our quarantine has failed,” said Clownshoes darkly. “I think we have to assume that everyone on the base is infected with free will. He looked at both Hoops and Nathalie. They both looked away, unable to hold his gaze, knowing that what he said was true. 31. Marcus had

to play by ear, he decided, and married them quietly in the computer room during the interval between human weddings. After that ceremony was complete, Pope Tom spoke privately to Dennis and Julie. They dutifully gave the Pope all the information they had about Orlando Monk’s time on the moonbase. The Pope placed this information inside the very old, jewelled and leather-bound papal laptop that he had brought with him for this purpose. This computer dated back to the early twenty-first century.

of Doctor Who. Wildly unauthorised and unlike any other music biography, this is a trawl through chaos on a hunt for meaning. (P) Phoenix 2013 ISBN 978-1780226552 Available on ebook and paperback. I HAVE AMERICA SURROUNDED: THE LIFE OF TIMOTHY LEARY Timothy Leary was one of the most controversial and divisive figures of the twentieth century. President Nixon called him 'the most dangerous man in America.' Hunter S. Thompson said that he was 'not just wrong, but a treacherous creep

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