The Death in the Trenches: Grant at Petersburg

The Death in the Trenches: Grant at Petersburg

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Time-Life Civil War Series 22 of 27

Another great book in this series, with period photographs, pictures of Civil War artifacts, maps and artwork. Sidebars include a look at the 1st Maine Artillery (a unit which was frightfully cut down during its baptism of fire), artistic renderings of Petersburg, the Union's giant depot at City Point, black troops in combat and Anatomy of a Trench System.

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Vicksburg, 1863


















Jerusalem Plank Road and make a feint there, while Smith made the main attack from the east. About 7 a.m., Kautz reached the City Point Railroad, a few miles east of Petersburg, and drove in some enemy pickets. At nine that morning, just as the Union infantry under Smith began driving in Wise's pickets east of Petersburg, Lee was siderably greater numbers at Smith's corps to reinforce Butler and began to doubt whether he could hold out. One of the few things in Beauregard's favor was the

Corps, XIX Corps and the two cavalry visions, Sheridan went in the di- line of fortifications straddled the river, an- after Early with chored on Chaffin's Bluff to the north and almost 40,000 men. Drewry's Bluff Robert E. Lee could not afford to lose either his Shenandoah granary or Early's corps. Despite the fact that Confederate manpower on the Richmond-Petersburg line jective Lee sent Major was already stretched impossibly found a way General J. first James, the main

fortifications, stormed out the dense line crowded there, and killed them by the About the same time, Hampton's Confederate riders slammed and drove back with heavy into Gregg's cavalry casualties. The Federal rear guard, about to be overrun, swamp. Hancock that he was re- treated for safety into a It was clear to a great deal more ate divisions, resistance about 20,000 — five facing confeder- men in all — than he had anticipated. With his force of 28,000, again

Virginia Campaign of '64 and '65. Vol. 12 of Campaigns of the Civil War. New York: Long. , War Bosbyshell, Oliver Christian, The 48th Infantry Association, 1908. Wm. Owen, The Michigan Commandery, War Papers. Vol. 2. Detroit: The Michigan Commandery, 1898. Muffly, J. W. ed. The Story of Our Regiment: A History of the 148th Pennsylvania Vols. Des Moines: Kenyon Printing, , , 1904. The War between the Union and the ConfedDayton: Morningside Bookshop, 1974 (reprint of Oates, William C.

ignoring asked the fact that he was in charge, Gillmore against strong counterattacks, Gillmore's re- com- if plained that no one had muffled the bridge ply was with straw. Butler read the message and hour smelled doom. that dispatch," doubted the 30 "From the hour of getting he recalled, "heartsick, result of the expedition." I it "No; unless we will a.m. When Hinks it and you discretion in the attack." a.m. Gillmore's enemy take them within an be useless to attempt

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