The Cornerstone

The Cornerstone

Nick Spalding

Language: English

Pages: 258

ISBN: 1461198216

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A fast-paced fantasy adventure from Nick Spalding, the bestselling author of the smash hit comedies Fat Chance & Love... From Both Sides.

A great book will transport you to another world... literally, if you're not careful.

On a gloomy Thursday afternoon, Max Bloom enters his local library in a last ditch attempt to stave off an epic case of teenage boredom. Among the hushed stacks he discovers The Cornerstone, an ancient book tucked away on a dusty, forgotten shelf. Opening the cover, Max is instantly transported to an alternate dimension full of things intent on killing him - thus avoiding boredom with remarkable success.

He meets a beautiful girl called Merelie (brilliant), who tells him he could be a Wordsmith, a sorcerer able to craft magic from the written word itself, one strong enough to save both their worlds from the Dwellers - hideous monsters from beyond the universe (not so brilliant).

This all sounds completely unbelievable. The kind of thing you'd read in a fantasy novel. But The Cornerstone doesn't lie... and the danger is very real.

In a world threatened by monsters, where books are worshipped and powerful magic exists, Max Bloom must make a choice: close The Cornerstone and run home - or trust Merelie, become a Wordsmith, and save two worlds from certain destruction...


Reviews for Nick Spalding & Max Bloom In... The Cornerstone:

'Spalding made headlines last year when Amazon revealed he was one of their best selling authors, selling over 400,000 copies on Kindle. It was obviously only a matter of time before someone snapped him up.' The Daily Mail.

'Spalding is literally a comedy genius.' Chick Lit Reviews & News

'Nick Spalding managed to make me laugh until my sides hurt and I had tears running down my face.' Shaz's Book Boudoir Blog

'Absolutely hilarious.' Fabulous Magazine, The Sun

'Downright hilarious.' Closer Magazine

'A quite brilliant humorous urban fantasy novel. This book is worth nothing less than the full five stars. It hit my sense of humour pretty much on the head, the story itself was very nicely told indeed and the Kindle presentation is nothing short of exceptional. I for one would most certainly buy a sequel if he decides to write one!' Shaun Horrigan, Amazon Top 100 Reviewer

'A rip-roaring rollercoaster of a fantasy.' Stephen Leather, best selling author

The sequel - Wordsmith... The Cornerstone Book 2 - is available now!

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doorway and ran at Imelda, bellowing in rage, spittle flying from his lips. She tried to back peddle as he closed, but he grabbed her by the shoulders, his cold fingers digging painfully into her skin. The horrid smoke began to spin from his eyes and she knew she had to act or be damned where she stood. Imelda shaped words into another blast of energy that sent the monster crashing into the astronomy section. She looked down at her hands with disbelief, amazed she was word shaping so

It thrust an amorphous claw into the old man’s chest and he let out a blood curdling scream. Max word shaped, sending a blast towards the shadowy creature. The Wordcraft struck and the thing exploded into tattered ribbons of smoke. Garrowain slumped back, his head hitting the flagstones, body spasming in pain. They hurried over and Borne lifted him gently to the sofa, where the old man settled and came out of the seizure. ‘You alright?’ Max asked. Garrowain gave him a grateful look. ‘I think

Borne turned to look at where his mistress and her mother were being held and nodded in agreement. The big man squatted and laced his hands together. Elijah sprinted across, jammed one foot in Borne’s hands and was catapulted over the throng of Dwellers, Borne’s massive arms driving him upward. Elijah somersaulted gracefully and landed like a cat just beyond the creatures. He clambered up the rows of seats screaming a hideous battle cry and crashed into the Wordsmiths holding the Carvallens

Merelie looked desperate. ‘No! That’s not how it should work. That’s not what The Cornerstone wants!’ ‘The Cornerstone chose Max… but it also chose you, Merelie,’ Jacob said. ‘Your strength made all this possible - your connection with the words on the page. So use them. Use Morodai’s book. Send the monsters away.’ Merelie looked down for a moment, then into her father’s eyes. She nodded and rose to her feet, opening the Morodai Cornerstone. ‘Open the gateway and send them back,’ she said to

a shrieking of metal that could be heard a hundred miles away. Glancing up through the jagged gash he'd created, Max got his first view of the Morodai city beyond the library and saw that he was surrounded by a series of tall, dark towers. The skies above were leaden grey. He could feel sticky drizzle hitting his face and getting under his hoodie, making his neck wet. For some reason, he found this quite appropriate. - 6 - The teenage Wordsmith glided forward, eyes blazing with silver

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