The Art of Painting and Drawing Animals (Dover Art Instruction)

The Art of Painting and Drawing Animals (Dover Art Instruction)

Fredric Sweney

Language: English

Pages: 125

ISBN: 2:00344582

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Thousands of years after man first recorded his impressions of animals on cave walls, artists are still attempting to reproduce images of these incredibly diverse creatures of land, sea, and air. This book by an award-winning artist is designed to aid painters at all skill levels to draw and paint wildlife with precision and accuracy.

Award-winning artist Fredric Sweney begins by using the horse as the basis for understanding the physical structure of animals, while the wild duck serves as the model for the configuration, wing construction, and flight characteristics of birds. More than 260 illustrations, along with step-by-step details, make it easier and more enjoyable than ever to paint a Noah's Ark of dogs, cats, oxen, deer, bears, birds, goats, and more exotic animals--in every size and shape.

An invaluable guide to zoological anatomy, ideal for beginners as well as advanced artists, this complete, practical reference will also serve as an excellent resource for resolving commonplace problems of artistic composition.

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muscles that hold our attention are the levator labii superior alaeque nasi, which uncovers the canine tooth, raises the upper lip, and wrinkles the nose, particularly in the dog and other carnivora, and another muscle with a long name, the caninus superior pyramidalis nasi, which is the “snarling muscle.” The buccinator has two parts but we are interested only in its outer portion. It is a superficial muscle and is well developed. It adds fullness to the lower jaw and is evident near the “bars”

elastic, fibrous tissue whose principal action is to assist the extensor muscles in pulling the head downward so that the horse can eat and drink. The sphincter muscle, the orbicularis oculi, is not evident in the horse since it is small and covered by the skin around the eye. The orbicularis oris is the round muscle of the mouth and helps to form the mouth area. It is visible near the corners of the mouth. These two muscles open and close the eyes and mouth. The first set of muscles of the neck

bison, and antelopes as well as the rhinoceros. These animals do not shed their horns. They grow throughout their lifetime. If they are damaged by an accident or in combat, they do not grow back. Horns have an extremely hard outer core and are porous inside. The Pronghorn is the only horned animal in the world that sheds a part of its horn. This occurs annually when the new horn pushes off the old horn. Antlers belong to deer, elk, moose, and caribou. They are shed annually. Antlers are true

sketches that were later developed in the studio. You do not stand and make sketches in front of a charging elephant! Hence the necessity of knowing the basic anatomy of an elephant. The tree behind the elephants is the baobab, the “upside-down tree.” It looks like the roots are in the sky instead of the leaves. The scratchboard drawings are of some of my favorite animals. It may interest you to draw or make paintings of them with the proper backgrounds. There are five distinct types of

that the belly will show. The left foot has been dropped more than the right; this is in order to put a drag on that side to assist in the turn. These are the things that a connoisseur of waterfowl art will search for. The final touch is the reflected color in the eye and its highlight. PRACTICE SUBJECTS These sketches will give you a latitude of choice in order for you to try your skill at paintings of this type. I have purposely made the sketches simple in design. You are to fill in the

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