The African Patriots: the Story of the African National Congress of South Africa

The African Patriots: the Story of the African National Congress of South Africa

Mary Benson

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 1334035598

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This book is a history of the African National Congress and many of the battles it experienced. The author, Mary Benson, is a South African who was herself committed to the work of the ANC and thus aiding in the collection of many important documents used in the study.

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Thompson. Letter to Merriman, March 13, 19o6. Ibid. 3 Transvaal Labour Commission Report. 20 Trends and Attitudes When it became known that Britain was proposing to hand over the non-white population to the rule of the privileged whio minority, widespread opposition broke outx-yp emonition of what ~deration was imposed on W-as-to happen 46-yeiis-l-er whenF Nyasaland and the Rhodesias-and African political associations rallied to resist the threat. Led by three editors of African news

brother, came to the conclusion that 'well, the country was in danger, and even if a man has quarrelled with his wife, if he sees an enemy approaching his house, he would get up 93 Silver Jubilee and Beginnings of Revival to settle with that enemy.' La Guma joined up despite the double dilemma of being one of the discriminated-against non-whites and of being a communist; the latter dilemma deriving from Stalin's pact with Hitler in August 1939 so that South African communists, from their

providing even wider powers of deportation and detention of 'idle' or 'undesirable' Natives. In two years 345 policemen had been found guilty of assault on Non Europeans under arrest, and another 52 were punished depart mentally. But the Government was busy propping up apartheid by prohibiting mixed marriages, and forcibly drew South-West Africa within the orbit of this system by virtually incorporating the Man dated territory. Then it was rumoured that African women would have to carry passes

a dogged drive and his experience of life, which made up for what he had missed in formal education. At forty he still lacked self-confidence, as his edgy manner and anti-white tendencies showed. But even his fiercest opponents granted his dedication to the cause and wel comed his impatience with slovenliness. The A.N.C.'s first step in implementing the Programme of Action-the one day stoppage of work-was to be on May i. Things looked promising when, in March, Dr. Moroka paid his first visit to

Court. While at Adams he married Freda Bokwe, a fellow teacher from a family of Ministers, musicians and doctors. Life was austere on a salary of £13 a month and in a three-roomed iron house they brought up the first of their five children-Joseph. So far Matthews's inbred desire to help his people had found its outlet in leading the African Teachers' Organization, along with a friend and fellow-teacher, Albert Lutuli. They both took part in church and missionary conferences. Then, from Adams in

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