Stop Crying and Get Paid: 10 Key Principles to Get Promoted and Get a Raise

Stop Crying and Get Paid: 10 Key Principles to Get Promoted and Get a Raise

Language: English

Pages: 104

ISBN: 1515080722

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The information within these pages is designed to give you insight to key principles that you can use to demonstrate that you are a valuable commodity, as a person, and show why your boss should pay you more... or even better, promote you, in order to keep you. You will gain insight from a boss’ point of view. • Insight that your bosses truly wish they could share • Insight missing from school, and post-secondary education • Insight that is especially helpful to those in Corporate America. This is book is dedicated to the "Go-Getter"; the one that truly wants to work to get ahead. While those fellow employees are busy complaining and putting themselves on a pedestal of self-entitlement, YOU will learn some key principles to add to your education to move ahead quickly. Even if you do not agree with or like what is written in this book, keep reading. Then, apply what you have read and you will EARN the money that you are entitled to. Unlike the other self-entitled complainers, you will learn to stop crying and get paid. This book is the first of many where you will have an opportunity to learn proven principles for success to improve your value, your career, your income and your life.

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The Economist [UK] (27 July - 2 August 2013)



















buying several rental properties. By the time I purchased my third property, I decided to hire help for repairs and maintenance. Many times, I would have contractors come out to see me while I was doing work on the property myself. Now, I must admit that I look very young for my age, and it also was very common for “people of color” to be tenants and not owners in the area where my houses and buildings were. So here I was, this young man, not so well-dressed, mowing the lawn or doing repairs,

cookie dough and brownie mix from scratch and bake these goods to serve to the public. - I was excited that they trusted me to have another employee come in to assist me, and I could tell this employee what to do. - I was excited that they trusted me to open the doors to the public at 6:00 am every morning and represent this great company. My mind was set for success. My mind was set with excitement. My mind was set to represent the quality that this company had to offer, with pride! My

of you. Let them only hear good things. Let them only see good things about you on social media and in pictures online. Good things about your family, friends, previous jobs, your health—everything good. Envious people will speak badly about you, but the right people will like you and so will your bosses. You will be known as the person who always has good things going on. Your boss likes some of her employees better than others, but she must treat everyone (on the same level) equally.

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but the sting will remain. That sting will be remembered more than your apology or any explanation that you try to give for speaking such unkind words. The feelings are what are impacted by your words. You are remembered by how the person feels about you. People do not always remember what you say… they remember how you made them FEEL The funny thing is, nowadays, many people have become so rude that when you actually apply the points in this chapter, you will be viewed highly as a

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