Slippery Tipples: A Guide to Weird and Wonderful Spirits & Liqueurs

Slippery Tipples: A Guide to Weird and Wonderful Spirits & Liqueurs

Joseph Piercy

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 075245756X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A funny and fascinating guide to liqueurs and spirits, featuring more than 60 drinks from 40 countries and easy-to-follow guides to making liqueurs at home
From the Eastern European favorite Becherovka whose recipe is known to only two people; to classic cocktail ingredients like Midori, the bright green Japanese melon drink that was launched at the Studio 54 wrap party for Saturday Night Fever, Goldwasser, the gold-flecked German drink that has been brewed since the 16th century and is supposed to have alchemical effects—this collection tells the stories behind the word's most extraordinary drinks. Alongside the A–Z is a series of easy-to-follow recipes for liqueurs and spirits, for readers eager to concoct their own fruit brandies or make a traditional summer cup like PIMMS. The more than 100 cocktail and shooter recipes include, of course, the classic 1980s cocktail the Slippery Nipple.

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landing ignominiously at point C). To commemorate these largely fruitless endeavours, barman Hugo Ensslin of the Hotel Wallick in New York created the Aviation cocktail (see recipe below). The original Aviation, according to Ensslin’s 1916 classic book Recipes for Mixed Drinks, required crème de violette as its secret ingredient in order to produce a beautiful sky blue hue to the concoction. One could sip an Aviation and marvel at man’s quest to conquer the mysteries of flying into the wild (sky)

low-grade gunpowder for shells. GERMANY Goldwasser DESCRIPTION: Amber-coloured herbal liqueur from the sixteenth century that contains flecks of 18–22 carat gold. BACKGROUND: Alchemy was all the rage in sixteenth-century Europe and the ancient German city of Danzig caught the zeitgeist with the introduction of Goldwasser in 1598. The two main pursuits of alchemy were largely centred on fruitless attempts to turn lead (or just about any other substance) into gold and the creation of panaceas –

date pop in for a nightcap, you can impress them by reeling off all the ethical initiatives Amarula are involved with while you wait for ‘The Spirit of Africa’ to work its magic. Amarula is also very useful in cookery. The company website has a recipes section covering such delights as Amarula Caramel Cookies and Amarula Bread and Butter Pudding. TRIVIA: As a global company, Amarula is refreshingly ethical. The marula fruit harvest is undertaken solely by local plains people and provides

The cabinet contains a collection of bottles of plant essences and tinctures in addition to scales and measuring devices, all of which suggests an interest in creating medicinal elixirs. The Lyon In Mourning, a collection of letters and oral history relating to the life of Bonnie Prince Charlie, was published in the ninteenth century and contains John MacKinnon’s personal account of his friendship with the Prince and their escapes from capture. By the 1870s ‘dram buidhe’, or the yellow dram on

was an extraordinary display of hundreds of liqueur and spirit bottles in a myriad of shapes and colours. Assuming it to be the owner’s private collection put there for decorative purposes, I sat down and was treated to a parade of courses of excellent locally-caught seafood. But the reason for this treasure trove of bottles became apparent at the end of the meal. The waiter served coffee and then marched to the back of the room, quickly surveyed the collection and plucked out half a dozen

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