Shoujo Basics: Christopher Hart's Draw Manga Now!

Shoujo Basics: Christopher Hart's Draw Manga Now!

Christopher Hart

Language: English

Pages: 64

ISBN: 0385345453

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Focusing on the most popular style of manga, Shoujo Basics teaches readers how to draw all the trademark characteristics of shoujo characters; from lessons on glimmering eyes, flowing hair, and dramatic expressions to more basic elements such as the body, face, and poses, this book covers everything readers need to go from shoujo fans to shoujo artists. After an introduction to these elements, readers will have a chance to follow along Hart's in-depth step-by-steps, and will even be invited to draw on their own, right in the book's pages.

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side of the face and is curved to show the head’s roundness. The eyes and eyebrows are no longer the same size. And you can see only one ear. In addition, the mouth and nose have moved over toward the far side of the face. In manga the bridge of the nose is left out regularly in the 3/4 view. Noses are so petite that you can get away with using the smallest of dots to indicate only the tip of the nose. Boys Male characters that are in their upper-teenage years are quite popular in shoujo.

shape. Side View Straight lines aren’t as pleasing as curved lines. Even on areas where you might assume the lines would be straight, such as the legs, they’re still slightly curved. Notice the subtle rounding of the leg muscles. This principle is even more pronounced on the back, which shows a significant curve at the shoulders and, again, just above the hips. Also take note that the fingers fall at midthigh level. Poses The human body was built to move. Therefore, you’ve got to find a way

knuckle definition. Airline Pilot Some girls dream of jetting around the globe to exotic places. Even though an airline pilot, technically, wouldn’t be a teenager, she is drawn with the features of a shoujo girl and therefore belongs in this genre. She is a shoujo version of a pilot who used her magical girl powers to transform into a pilot. Teen Girl Most kids and young teens have trouble standing or sitting still. They have too much energy. Try to capture this quality when drawing them, to

hair. Fill in this girl’s facial features. Fill in this boy’s facial features. Give this girl an angry expression. Draw an expression on this girl that displays happiness or joy. Finish the drawing by giving this girl a body. Try copying these eyes, and draw some of your own. Also available in Christopher Hart’s Draw Manga Now! series

learned so far. Finally, I’ll put you to the test! The last section of this book features drawings that have appeared elsewhere in my book, except they’ll be missing some key features. It’s your job to finish these drawings, giving characters the eyes, hair, body, clothes, and facial features they need. This book is all about learning, practicing, and, most importantly, having fun. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. If you don’t make any mistakes, that means you’re not attempting to tackle new

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