Savory Cocktails: Sour Spicy Herbal Umami Bitter Smoky Rich Strong

Savory Cocktails: Sour Spicy Herbal Umami Bitter Smoky Rich Strong

Greg Henry

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 1612432220

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Move over sweet. Cocktail aficionados are mixing up creative concoctions that are herbaceous, smoky and strong.
These rims are anything but sugarcoated. Savory Cocktails shakes, stirs and strains nearly 100 hard-hitting distilled delights for a cornucopia of today’s coolest drinks. Using everything from classic liqueurs to innovative new bitters, the recipes in this book offer a stylish, sophisticated approach to complex-flavored cocktails like:
•Yuzu Sour
•Green Tea Gimlet
•Off-White Negroni
•Pink Peppercorn Hot Gin Sling
•Greens Fee Fizz
•The Spice Trail

Packed with carefully crafted cocktails as well as information on tools, ingredients and imbibing history, Savory Cocktails goes way beyond just recipes. The devilish twists in this barman’s companion are taste tested and mixologist approved.

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drink involves combining some of the more naturally savory spirits, such as medicinal aquavit and malty genever, with interesting liqueurs—artichoke Cynar, cumin-laced kümmel, and allspice dram, for example. These and other centuries-old formulas have made a comeback as bartenders look to old ingredients to provide a modern sensibility. New interpretations, such as Dead Glamour (see page 94) and Vichy Cycle (see page 40), are challenging to the palate and typically very alcohol-forward, but when

(see page 14) 1/2 pony shot / 15 ml / 1/2 fl oz mezcal reposado 1 sage sprig, as garnish Place the oven rack in the center position and preheat the oven to 225°F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Place the grapefruit peel in a small saucepan, pour in enough water to cover, and add 1/4 cup sugar; bring to a boil. Drain off the syrup and repeat the process two more times, using all the sugar. Strain out the peels and spread them in a single layer on the lined baking sheet. Place in the

presentation. TECHNIQUES Ice is essential to a well-made cocktail. I like medium-size square cubes for stirring, shaking, and serving most drinks “on the rocks.” A single extra-large ice cube is best for some very strong drinks that are sipped slowly, because it keeps the drink chilled without diluting it too much. Cracked ice is best for blender drinks and some specialty cocktails. SHAKEN OR STIRRED? The basic rule is simple: drinks made with spirits only, such as martinis and manhattans,

as they scent the top of the cocktail. Enjoy the applause. SCOFFLAW That’s a fun word. But it wasn’t supposed to be. In late 1923, during the Prohibition era, the Boston Herald held a contest offering $200 to whoever developed the best word to “stab awake the conscience” and publicly describe “a lawless drinker of illegally made or illegally obtained liquor.” The requirements? The new word needed to be just one or two syllables and thoroughly brand the drinker as a no-goodnik, someone who

Cool and Starry Burning Sensation Thai Bird Chile Kamikaze Holland Razor Blade Pink Peppercorn Hot Gin Sling Warm Cardigan HERBAL Triple C Collins Breeder’s Cup Tom and Daisy Beetle Juice A Savory Cocktail Celery Shrub Cocktail Pimm’s Cup Up Greens Fee Fizz To Hell with Spain #2 Golden Lion Fennel Fizz Salad Bowl Gin and Tonic Scarborough Fair The Grazer’s Edge This Feeling of Joy UMAMI Savory Tomato Juice Bloody Mary Sungold Zinger Tartufo Truffle-Infused Cognac Silk

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