Rum Drinks: 50 Caribbean Cocktails, From Cuba Libre to Rum Daisy

Rum Drinks: 50 Caribbean Cocktails, From Cuba Libre to Rum Daisy

Jessica B. Harris

Language: English

Pages: 168

ISBN: 0811866998

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

With recipes for 40 of the Caribbean's classic and contemporary cocktails and 15 traditional snacks to accompany them, Rum Drinks provides a tropical taste vacation. More than a cocktail book, Rum Drinks is your ultimate rum resource, including salty talesfrom a history of the sugar trade to the sparkly heydey of the Cuba Librean island-by-island listing of Caribbean rums, and a guide to great rum bars all over the world.

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arrived in this hemisphere before the Europeans. For centuries, the coconut palm was virtually the staff of life for the peoples of the Caribbean. In the summer in many Caribbean neighborhoods, jelly coconuts (the green fruit whose meat is still a jellylike mass) are hawked on the streets by vendors who open them and then pour the coconut water into plastic containers. And of course there are always the hairy brown coconuts that peer out at us from greengrocers’ bins with whimsical faces made

consisted of drives through old neighborhoods in Havana, walking around the plazas, and visiting Hemingway’s home, la Finca Vigia. Located about twelve miles outside of Havana, the home was kept as a shrine to Papa Hemingway and we stood outside of the windows on the steps provided and peeked in voyeurlike at the house. We peered at the spines of books looking for hints of sources, mentally catalogued the liquors on the bar, and smiled conspiratorially at the notations of weight and blood

Dominican Republic In the 1980s, if it was Saturday night in Santo Domingo, it was time to be on the Malecón—the local name for the Avenida George Washington that parallels the sea. During the day it was home to some of the city’s fanciest hotels and boutiques; when the sun went down, it was transformed into the world’s longest open-air merengue party every weekend. It was intoxicating. Cars parked along the strip with their windows rolled down and their music turned up—“celebrating the feast

your friends. There are rum-tasting parties, calypso contests, and merengue dancing fetes in your future. Here are some ideas to start the parties happening. Fête Française This party celebrates the French side of the Caribbean and is inspired by the festivities that accompany the Fête des Cuisinières (The Feast of the Women Cooks) that is held annually on Guadeloupe around August 10, the feast day of their patron, St. Lawrence. The humor of the women is attested to by their choice of

Elie, Michèle and Ulrick Jean-Pierre, culinary Legend Leah Chase and her entire family, and New/News: Rick Ellis, Thom Jayne, Deb and Jerry Shriver. Thanks also are due to Danille Taylor, Jerry Ward, and Reverend Gail Bowman, teetotaling permanent driver designate, and to Miss Rhonda, taxi driver extraordinaire. Thanks can never be enough for the Lucullus Krewe: Patrick Dunne, Roberta, Rebecca, Michèle, Warren, and Clovis, who continue to indulge my madness, and Kerry Moody who is simply the

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